Does Chewy Send Free Stuff? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Chewy is an online retailer that offers pet products, pet supplies, and accessories for all different kinds of pets. People buy their products from Chewy in a variety of ways – ordering online, contacting their sales team, or visiting local stores, as well as attending events and shows.

Pets are definitely not cheap, so you may be wondering if Chewy can help you by giving away some things for free. Let’s learn more.

Does Chewy Send Free Stuff In 2022?

Chewy’s deal of the day is typically priced at $75 for a month of deliveries, but there are also BOGO promotions, up to 70% off for select products, free shipping, and other seasonal deals as well. The company also offers their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee in case you change your mind about your purchase in 2022 in case you’re unhappy.

Check out Chewy’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more discounts and special offers.

Does Chewy Send Out Free Coupons?

Chewy sends free coupons and promo codes to all their customers who have signed up for a Chewy account. Also, if you sign up for a Chewy account, it’s free.

To sign up for a chewy account, go to the Chewy website and click “Your account,” then choose “Start new account,” then fill in the necessary information, then register.

You will then be able to get coupons and other promotions by email and other social media.

You can browse the site to find coupon deals and discounts. You can also use the chat feature to find the latest promotions via your phone.

Does Chewy Send Free Toys?

Chewy doesn’t send free toys but you should be able to get a free toy if you buy something with a Buy One Get One Free offer.

I like Chewy for that and I do think it’s great for people who work full time and live on a tight budget, and it can be a great option, yes.

Through Chewy’s goody boxes, you can figure out how much you’re spending at the store, check out different products on the site, and see what’s free.

How to Get Free Stuff from Chewy

There’s no need to worry about getting dog products for free. Chewy has a deal that lets you get a second product for free if you buy one.

This is all about buying three of something, and getting one free. The best example of this is Buy three get four free. But it’s not just for clothing any more. Other things on the site include home essentials and a selection of games.

The “Special Offers” section of Chewy’s website has many offers, including free shipping on certain items as well as other deals.

Chewy allows you to stack promo codes, which allows you to apply aggressive discounts for significant savings that you can easily add up to free products.

Chewy offers free shipping to its customers for orders above $49. There is a flat rate of $4.95 for orders below this.

Free shipping offers is a great deal. You can order a lot and you can also get items for free. That’s what you need to do if you are going to order a lot.

You can also count on Chewy’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to enjoy extra stuff at no cost.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 365 days of your purchase. Chewy will offer a refund for free or exchange the item.

We found one customer who shared that after giving a review on a toy, Chewy refunded the costs of the toy and shipped it to them.

There was another customer who lost their pet and thought they could return the unused pet food.

The company is now dealing with the situation better than I expected as it has taken a firm stance on the issue.

Chewy has no influencers at present, but it might change. Influencer marketing is considered to be very popular in the industry.

This means that you could put yourself in a better position to get free products by curating content around a fitting brand, or even approaching Chewy with a proposition if your audience is wide enough.

Read more about how to buy live fish from Chewy and if Chewy sells live fish.

We also found some useful information on the Chewy Fish FAQ page.


While Chewy will not send free packages to its customers, there are a number of ways to get free products. An obvious way is to utilize the periodic buy one get one free deal.

You can also get up to 70% discounts. That could translate to essentially free items if you apply the discount right. Sign up for a Chewy account to get these deals sent to your email.

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