What Is Chewy Autoship? (How It Works, Potential Savings, Is It Worth It + More)

A new service called DogVacay helps pet owners out by making sure they get their supplies on time. The users just upload the information about their pets’ needs and the service will keep them up to date.

Autoship is great, because it allows you to automatically receive the next shipment of your favorite snacks at no extra cost. You can enjoy all the same benefits that Autoship affords with your first order.

What Is Chewy Autoship In 2022?

Chewy Autoship is an automated delivery system offered by Chewy. Chewy Autoship is an automated system that allows you to set up a monthly delivery of items that you use regularly. Chewy Autoship gives you a big discount off your first order, and smaller discounts on every order after that. You can change, reschedule, or cancel your Chewy Autoship any time in 2022.

The only thing you need to know about Chewy Autoship is that it is a great way to save money when you order your Chewy products at home, and then automatically receive those same products at home every month.

How Do You Use Chewy Autoship?

Autoship is an easy way to try every Chewy for free. You can get started setting it up by shopping as usual and choosing the Autoship option at checkout, or by visiting the Autoship section of the company website.

You don’t have to go through that dedicated section. You can search for the item just as you would on the regular site. I’m not sure if it will give you any suggestions, but you can find the options on your item page.

You should be able to tell if an item is Autoship by looking at the price and the “Autoship and save” marker next to the product listing.

When you decide how often you would like to receive each Autoship, you have a selection of when to receive them.

You can select from one week to two months.

Most of Autoship’s features are automatically set up after you set it up. For example, you get 35% off your first order. And you also get 5% off every subsequent order by default.

How Often Does Chewy Autoship?

Chewy can automatically ship your order on the date of your choosing. If you can’t pick a delivery date at setup, select the frequency in which you want your orders to arrive.

Is Autoship Free on Chewy?

Shipping is not free on Chewy unless you have made a purchase of a certain amount and are free-shipping on that purchase.

All of the orders you place on Chewy come with free shipping, even if the total purchase is less than $49.

You also get your first shipment at 35% discount, and other shipments at 5% discount.

How Much Do You Save with Autoship on Chewy?

You also save money, if you choose, to get the Chewy Cash Visa prepaid card from Chewy. We’ll explain that in a minute.

The discount only applies to shipments of $5,000 or more. So if you want to order 100 of the same shoes you’ll have to order at least $5,000 worth of them.

It is a good thing that you can increase your savings, as it increases the amount of free shipping you get, as is standard on Chewy.

Is Chewy Autoship Worth It?

We think the Autoship feature on Chewy is a good way to save money because it makes it easier to purchase and receive pet supplies from Chewy than purchasing them from other places.

Autoship is ideal for pet food and accessories because those products don’t get used up very quickly.

It’s possible to save money on pet food shipping by ordering ahead and scheduling delivery of as many bags as you need. You can then give your pet whatever food is left.

Plus, you can even get a prescription delivered too, so you can get it right when you need it.

So when you get your pet’s medication for delivery, you’ll only need to pick up the delivery slip. You can then order more meds when needed.

You could figure out how much food you need for your pet, then set up a delivery system where the food is delivered at the same time as the meds, and you know exactly when
to get the food.

This is a great deal because you get to save money on shipping. It’s also a good way to avoid having your package lost in the mail, especially if you live on the West Coast or in a foreign country.

And if you go for the free shipping, you’ll also get 25% off your first 5 shipments as well as 5% discount on every other shipment after that.

Automations allow you to automate your shipments completely or give the order to someone else. In the future, this feature can be useful for small businesses to delegate their orders to a shipping company.

I like the service and convenience of having it. I haven’t saved on any purchases because of it though.

What Happens If You Cancel Autoship on Chewy?

If you cancel your Autoship, you can cancel all the orders in your active Autoship, unless it was already in transit to your shipping address.

to learn more about Chewys history, you can read our post on Chewy’s history.


Chewy is the company and their site is also called Chewy. I use Chewy because you use coupons there and then you can use your coupons as well as free shipping, so sometimes you can save a lot if you get there a day or two early.

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