How To Cancel Autoship On Chewy? (step-by-step + Other Faqs)

Chewy made it easier for pet owners to get supplies they frequently need, like pet food and medicine delivered regularly and automatically to them.

In this blog post, we’ll help you find the answers to the most common questions pertaining to this service and give you detailed instructions on how to properly cancel and remove it.

How To Cancel Autoship On Chewy In 2022

You can cancel the Autoship order using the Autoship manager with the help of a code. After selecting the code, you can make the payment for the order using a debit or credit card. If you want, you can skip the Autoship order and make the payment directly but the order will be sent to the Chewy fulfilment centre as you cannot skip and pay for the Autoship order.

Autoship cancellation is when you cancel your subscription to Chewy through your account. If you do that, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time, but they will not be able to cancel your subscription for you. If you do this, it will be free of charge for you.

Can I Cancel Chewy Autoship At Any Time?

Chewy’s Autoship program is easy to cancel, and you can do so at any time. If you want to cancel before your first payment, simply contact customer support at 1-877-897-4111, and ask for them to process the cancellation for you. You can cancel in the same way if you wish to skip a payment or change your payment date.

Open the Autoship program.
Click the Autoship button.
Click Cancel.
Click OK.

You will not be able to cancel more than one plan from a single order. But, you can cancel multiple plans for a single order if they are set up one at a time.

If you cannot or do not want to use this method, please contact the customer service department for the best way to stop Autoship on Chewy.

The customer support from Chewy is available 24/7, so you can reach an employee and ask them to do the cleaning.

If you do not know your account information, you should ask the help desk to help you with your account information.

If you’re trying to use the Autoship Manager, then you can just do the Autoship yourself via this tool and only use the customer service if you’re having issues.

You’ll get to the point where the system prompts you to select a country. And if you select the US, they’ll walk you through the process.

How To Change Autoship On Chewy

Open the Autoship tab.

(If you haven’t set up your Autoship, you don’t see this tab.)

(If you have already selected your Autoship and are just changing the delivery schedule or adding/removing items,)
On the [Autoship] tab, click [Subscriptions] and the [Change AutoShip Subscription] button.

Go to your Autoship Preferences, click on “Manage” for an item, then “Remove.”

The item will appear on the Chewy website next time you update your address or check your account.

Go to the Autoship Manager and click [Edit].
Choose [More] and then [Change my schedule].
On the [Change my schedule] page, choose which type of changes you would like to make.
Enter your new Autoship schedule.
Click [Save].

Since you changed your order frequency the first time, your next order won’t be an Autoship and it will be handled like an order.

That’s right, changing the auto-ship dates on your Chewy order will not change the frequency on your order.

A really great feature of Chewy is that you can change the Autoship dates up to 48 hours before the next scheduled delivery and the order will automatically re-schedule itself.

Is It Easy To Cancel Chewy Autoship?

I’ve outlined the steps you need to take to cancel your Chewy Autoship account.

It really depends on what the user needs to do. If the user has to go through a number of people to get to what they need to do, then that requires a lot of time, so it’s better to just make it easier on them.

What Happens If You Cancel Autoship On Chewy?

If you cancel Chewy Autoship, it will no longer get shipped on a schedule to your address unless you set it up again.

The next delivery that was scheduled to send on July 25 will be canceled and removed from your account on July 26. If it was a one-time shipment, it will go through as planned. If it was an Autoship delivery, your next shipment will be automatically re-scheduled based on your new shipping address and billing cycle.

Also, to learn more about what is Chewy Autoship, you can view our post on what is Chewy Autoship.


You can cancel Autoship on Chewy by opening your account, selecting “Manage Autoship,” and choosing “Yes” when prompted.

If you contact Chewy customer service, you can ask them to cancel the order for you.

If you order from us, we will ship your order within 10 days from the time we receive it from the manufacturer.

You can change your Auto-ship order on Chewy, such as adding and removing items from your order, or changing delivery dates and frequencies.

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