Does Chewy Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

Since the beginning, customers have always needed to come to Chewy to find their favorite supplies. has a $10.95 price matching policy that gives their customers more of an incentive to shop (and to make purchases) at

Does Chewy Price Match In 2022?

A great example of a company that price matches on their products is Amazon. As I mentioned earlier, Amazon is Chewy’s indirect competitor due to its wide selection of dog food products and the fact that many of Chewy’s products are manufactured by Amazon.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about price matching and Chewy, including alternative ways to save money at the retailer, other similar places with price matching policies, and more!

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Why Doesn’t Chewy Price Match?

Chewy cannot price match because it has already decided to focus on other ways to draw customers in, especially through discounts and promotional codes.

How to Save Money at Chewy

Shop deals for the same size or larger to find better prices.
Shop for deals that expire before the day of purchase.
Shop when the products you want are on sale.

Which Stores Price Match Instead of Chewy?

There are many other online retailers which have similar policies for price matching. I’ve listed some of these below for your convenience.

The Petco is the best place to buy your pet’s diet.

Petco will price match Chewy on its website and it’ll have to be the same brand you purchased from Chewy, so you’ll want to make sure you’re buying the exact same brand when you’re comparing prices to see if Petco is the best deal.

Petco stores will price match any competitors for identical items if those competitors are also in stock at the local location.

If you buy something from Petco’s website and it’s not available in stores, you can have a price match if the item is in the Petco ad and on the website.

In the United States and Canada, most pet retailers and food stores will price match, as well as most airlines, hotels, and any kind of consumer product, anywhere.

The Petco website is a great resource for finding the latest deals and offers. For those who enjoy looking for a deal on their shopping cart items, the Petco website can be a great place to find items at prices that you may not find elsewhere.

PetSmart is a great place to shop for pets!

Pet Smart will have $1 off for Chewy on its website.

PetSmart will match the prices at your own store, as well as at the stores of PetSmart as well as most of its competitors’ online platforms.

This only comes into play in the online area. If you are buying groceries or pet supplies online you are not going to be able to check their inventory of what they carry. This also comes into play with used or refurbished products, like appliances. The seller may not be able to let you know exactly what you purchased, or if it is in working order.

If you see a different price on a product that you’ve browsed on your phone or tablet, don’t be afraid to ask. You can usually get better prices on eBay, Amazon, or on third-party websites.

If there is a price match available, you can submit a screenshot of the advertisement showing the lower priced item that will fulfill your order.

With its own website, the pet store price matches its own website at its own locations.

The only one who is going to have problems is Petland.

There are a few differences between the two stores. Petland isn’t as big as Petco or PetSmart, and it’s not as big of a pet supply store, but they do specialize in live animals.

You may or may not be able to get the exact price on an individual pet, but most Petland stores will match the price of the closest local competitor.

I don’t have anything to do with Walmart that is true….

Walmart doesn’t carry the pet supplies and accessories that a lot of people need. When you look at some of their competitors you’ll see that they carry a lot more pet supplies and accessories.

target is a noun and an adjective.

Target also has [a price matching policy in place, as well as a pet accessories and supplies section].

Target is a popular online store that sells the essentials for your pets. They offer grooming products, pet food, toys, pet health and care products, and more.

When you shop at Target, the prices on the print ads that you see on TV are very similar.

If you purchase an item from a Target store and the price is lower, you can go back and have them apply the discount to you.

Target is a lot more like other stores in that it doesn’t accept marked-down prices for matching.

To learn more, you can also check out our other post on Chewy’s parent company, the one that makes Chewy.


Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer price matching, and instead focuses on other means to attract your business.

You can save money at Chewy by using the free shipping you get for orders over $49, using coupons and by waiting until the next shipment arrives.

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