Verizon Iphone Upgrade Program (How It Works + Other Faqs)

So Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program is for all Verizon and AT&T customers who wish to upgrade from a current iPhone 4 or older device to a new iPhone 4.
The program offers an iPhone 4 device at no cost. Upgrade eligibility is for 24 months from the date of purchase.

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Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program In 2022

you need to wait until you’re close to the end of the contract to buy a new one.

The Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program allows you to upgrade to a new iPhone every year and is for customers that have a monthly device payment. With this program, you don’t need to wait until the contract is over to get a new phone, and you can continue with yearly iPhone upgrades for as long as you have Verizon.

There is an upgrade program for the Verizon iPhone. It will start May 16th and we know that we have to bring it back to Verizon and wait for the upgrade to take place. We don’t know to what extent we have to wait. All we know that the iPhone has to be returned to Verizon and will be processed by the time it’s back.

How Does The Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program Work?

Verizon has iPhone upgrade program, but you must meet the following requirements to keep your phone.

If you would like to use your Verizon iPhone as a “backup phone” to your new iPhone 4, you will need to ensure that your account with Verizon is in good standing.

Verizon is trying to avoid a lawsuit by preventing any new customer from upgrading to a new phone by making sure you are eligible to enter into a new device payment agreement before you can finalize the upgrade.

How Often Can You Use the Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

The only limitation would come if you would use up your service plan on an eligible device. The Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program works like a pre-paid service where you pay for your monthly device (like a smartphone or tablet) and then pay for your service plan separately.

What Does Good Working Condition Mean Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

Verizon requires that you return your old iPhone and it has to be in good working condition which means:

If your phone is not eligible, it is your responsibility to provide a carrier-approved repair when replacing it.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

If you’re eligible and want to buy an iPhone, you can select the iPhone Upgrade
Program and take advantage of the program to get an iPhone in just a few
steps, with no long-term contract, AT&T service and $0 cost for the
phone. You can buy up to two phones through the program, or your can
upgrade your eligible iPhone for free.

What Happens if You Don’t Return Device For Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

If you fail to return your eligible device when you buy an iPhone using the Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program, you’ll be stuck paying the balance of the device under your device payment agreement.

Even if someone tries to cancel their current cell phone service that cell phone service and these debts will follow them. For example, if you already left the company and the account is closed, this debt will also follow you.

After you set up all the services, you need to have your bill reviewed to see if you’ll be able to save money in your next bill.

If You Pre-Order a New iPhone Are You Still Eligible for Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

You can still get a new iPhone through the Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program even if you’ve preordered a new iPhone and have entered into a device payment agreement.

iphone 13 users must have activated their device for the upgrade to happen.

Do You Have to Pay Off Original Device Payment Agreement When Using Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

You would not have to make further payment on your phone as long as you return your phone to Verizon within three months.

Does Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program Work With A Prepaid Plan?

iphone Upgrade programs are only for people with an active plan, prepaid plans are not eligible to participate in the program.

A postpaid account is an account that you use for phone services, like voice calling and texting. You can switch to a postpaid account but you can’t do this with an AT&T or T-Mobile account.

How Do I Return My Old Device As Part of The Verizon iPhone Upgrade Program?

When you receive your new device, you will first receive an envelope that you will use to ship your old device to Lenovo and you will also receive a shipping label.

To avoid the issue, you can go to your My Verizon account, look up your order history, and print off a new label.

You will put your old device in an envelope, place that envelope in a box you just purchased. You will then place the return label on that box.

You also need to make sure that you have packed your old device in the shipping materials that were sent to you.

If you want to keep a copy of this information, write down the tracking number before you put it in your safe.

iphone won’t activate verizon, if verizon fixes phone screens and it’s not just a glitch, buying phone from Costco vs Verizon can save you money.


Verizon will let iPhone owners trade in an iPhone that they have paid off so far, and will allow them to upgrade to a new iPhone once a year.

Also, you’ll need to be on iOS 8.0 (or later) and it’ll need to be activated before you can use Touch ID on your iPhone.

If you wait more than 30 days to return your iPhone, then you’ll be charged for the remaining balance on the device payment agreement on your next bill.

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