Petsmart Treat Trail (What Is It, How It Works + Other Faqs)

The trail is an app that allows customers to receive special offers and discounts, and it was launched on the 17th June this year, and it’s the first time that PetSmart offers such an app, as other companies have used the concept in the past.

The PetSmart treat trail is designed to promote interaction between your pet and others to provide a welcoming atmosphere. PetSmart is very cognizant of the environment where your pet is housed. If your pet should become overwhelmed or confused by a new environment, the PetSmart treat trail is a great resource for creating a new experience for your pet.

What Is PetSmart Treat Trail In 2022?

The PetSmart treat trail is a promotion that is hosted by PetSmart. Customers can enter the treat trail by completing a series of actions on the website. Customers earn points when they complete actions and they will receive promotional coupons in 2022.

If you want to learn more about PetSmart coupon codes, how to use them, and how they work, keep reading!

How Does PetSmart Treat Trail Work?

You can earn some coupons for the next time you play with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The game is divided into three levels, and you get a special coupon as long as you complete each level.

1. Introductions
2. First Level – First Day
3. Second Level – First Week
4. Third Level – First Month
5. Fourth Level – First Year
6. Fifth Level – Lifetime
7. New Level

You start off at level one. You must then achieve level seven in order to finish the game.

When you win a level, you get a 15% off discount. When you play two levels, you get a 20% off discount. And when you play three levels, you get a 25% off discount.

PetSmart Coupons will make sure that you get a discount on your purchases.

I will save this coupon at my desktop and remember to use it when I’m buying a new dog food or a dog toy at PetSmart. I will always remember to use my PetSmart Coupons when I’m at PetSmart!

How Do I Use PetSmart Treat Trail Coupons?

A specific coupon code is not required to earn the coupon in question, but following the rules of the coupon is essential.

However, we recommend checking this website to view the most up-to-date coupon policy and for coupons that are accepted at PetSmart.

If the coupon is still available when you shop, make sure to pick one up today!

Coupon Books, Redeemed Coupons, Pre-Clipped Coupons, Mail-in Rebates, Phone Rebates, or Electronic Rebates.

In consideration for the receipt of the above described benefits, if you are not the owner or a person holding the legal rights to the pet, you agree to hold the company, and it’s partners, and the respective employees, officers, directors, affiliates and subsidiaries free from any and all liability for any injury to persons or damage or loss of property resulting from the redemption of the pet or otherwise from this promotional game.

If you have more questions about the PetSmart coupons earned through the pet trail game, you can speak to a store manager in person.

You call the 800 number and then the customer service team will resolve your issue. If the problem is urgent, you can also submit a ticket directly through the website.

How Do I Use PetSmart Treat Trail Coupons Online?

When you shop through the PetSmart website or official app, you receive a special offer, including discounts and coupons.

Can You Use PetSmart Treat Trail Coupons More Than Once?

PetSmart Coupons may be used only once. The store policy states coupons are only valid one time.

It is permissible to purchase multiple times of the same coupon and/or the same item; there are instances where vendors list items that are required for multiple purchases.

In addition, you may not be allowed to use the PetSmart treat trail coupon if there are any other discounts and offers along with the coupon.

Does PetSmart Honor Expired Coupons From the PetSmart Treat Trail?

Unfortunately, there is no way to redeem expired coupons for the PetSmart treat trail game.

You are required to use the coupon within the timeframe specified on the coupon.

To get started with the PetSmart site, you’ll see a page that says, “Thank you,
Welcome to,” and you’ll learn more.


Customers can play the pet treat trail game on the PetSmart mobile app. They earn bonus coupons as they progress through the different levels and can then redeem them for free meals, treats, and other products on the store’s website.

The game can make customers earn money because they can earn coupons of either 15%, 20%, or 25% off a single item.

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