How To Add Apple Watch To Verizon Plan? (all You Need To Know)

The Apple Watch comes in two versions, the aluminum alloy Apple Watch Sport and the stainless steel Apple Watch. It has a built-in heart rate monitor, works with iPhone, and has a variety of watch faces.

Well it might sound complicated, but I’ve got you covered, so read below to find out all you need to know to get your watch added to your plan within minutes!

How To Add Apple Watch To Verizon Plan In 2022?

To add an Apple Watch to your Verizon plan, click Continue In the My Verizon app to add the Apple Watch. Set up WiFi Calling by tapping “WiFi Calling On” and “WiFi Calling Off.” Then tap Set Up Cellular from your Apple Watch.

If you want to know more about the process of adding your Apple Watch to your Verizon plan, you can keep reading for more details and some useful information.

So what are you waiting for? Start adding your Apple Watch to your Verizon plan today.

Does Verizon Charge an Activation Fee for Apple Watch?

Verizon may charge you $35 to activate your Apple Watch on Verizon’s network, which is the fee regardless of what device you own.

How Much Does It Cost To Add An Apple Watch to Verizon Plan?

If you decide to go with the cellular service, you will be charged a monthly subscription of $19.99 for the Apple Watch on your Verizon account.

Do I Need To Add a New Line For My Apple Watch Verizon?

You don’t need to add a new phone number, because Apple Watch will share your iPhone number. So Verizon will charge you for Apple Watch.

Do I Have To Go To Verizon To Activate Apple Watch?

You can activate your Apple Watch through your iPhone, by setting up your Apple Watch via your iPhone and connecting it to your WiFi network.

The only trick is getting the watch to sync with your iphone, which you can do by visiting a Verizon store to get help and guidance on how to fix it.

Does Adding an Apple Watch Increase Your Phone Bill Verizon?

Apple is now giving you $10 a month if you have your iPhone setup to be Cellular.

You can also look up the specific app on the App Store by searching for the name. There are also several apps that are specifically for the Apple Watch.

Verizon won’t even know you have an Apple Watch. I don’t think GPS on your Apple Watch is anything like GPS on your iPhone.

Can You Add Apple Watch to Verizon Business Plan?

In some situations, you can add an Apple Watch to your business Verizon account, but it depends on the type of business, and whether you want to pay for it on your own or if Verizon will charge you.

The first question that an account owner would need to understand are the business plan specifics, and then they would need to contact the Verizon Business Sales team to determine if an Apple Watch is included in the plan.

Verizon wants customers to call them and ask them to add Apple Watch to their Business Plan instead of trying the online portal.

Can You Add Apple Watch To Verizon Prepaid?

However, your iPhone number will stay the same and you can access the phone and data plan from your computer or any other device.

Will An Unlocked Apple Watch Work on Verizon?

When the Apple Watch is connected to a carrier, the Apple Watch needs to have the same SIM card as the iPhone. If the device is not, it will not work.

Can an AT&T Apple Watch Be Used With Verizon?

You can’t use an Apple Watch purchased from AT&T on Verizon, but you do not need to have a Verizon cell phone plan for your iPhone if you want to connect and sync the devices.

You’ll have to pay on the cellular model if you plan on using the watch beyond the five hours of battery life from the original version.

There’s also a $15 fee if you opt to activate any other connected watch feature, like Fitness Zone (a feature that tracks workout history).

How Many Apple Watches Can I Have On Verizon?

Verizon allows you to have 3 connected devices to your account.
So while there’s some extra flexibility with a Verizon account, the amount of total devices you can have on a Verizon account is capped.

And you can make another Apple device like a TV and get it linked to the Verizon account.

– The Verizon account includes things related to your home network.
– The Verizon account includes things related to your home network.

If you are going to buy phone from Verizon as a standalone purchase or as part of an iPhone upgrade program, you will need to consider other factors as well. This includes monthly plan, price, etc.


Here comes the important part. You can add an Apple Watch to your Verizon plan. Just log in with your Verizon account and you’re all set.

Moreover, you’ll only need to follow the steps to enable the WiFi Calling feature on your device, including setting up the device to connect to a WiFi network and then clicking the icon to proceed to the next step.

However, you can get an Apple Watch on a postpaid Verizon plan, so if you’re willing to pay for a postpaid plan, it might make sense to wait until the Apple Watch 2 is released so that you can enjoy a $25/mo discount on top of your plan for a year.

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