Verizon Esim Qr Code (what Is It, How To Get One + Faqs)

With Verizon, you can use an eSIM card on your phone. This is different from a regular SIM card. The eSIM QR code is a different looking code that Verizon uses as a sort of fingerprint for your phone. You can unlock your phone with it.

Well, if you are looking for a Verizon eSIM QR code, then you are in the right place because this article will help you with that.

What Is the Verizon eSIM QR Code In 2022?

You can only use this feature after you go through the activation process for the new Verizon eSIM. Once you go through the activation process, your Verizon eSIM code is downloaded onto your device. You can then use it on other carriers by connecting the device to a different SIM card. This feature will be available in the US in 2022.

One of the newer features of the Android smartphone is the eSIM. Verizon introduced the eSIM, which stands for Evolved Subscriber Identity Module, as a way to provide the ability to download apps, watch TV and movies, and even make calls, without having to have the traditional phone number associated with a device.
In this video, we will go over how to find the eSIM number for your device in the Verizon app on your Android device.

What Is a Verizon eSIM QR Code?

This new technology allows you to use your subscription information on any compatible device, even if it’s a different brand than what you originally used.

In this way, you can switch profiles. Let’s say you want to change from the standard profile to the emergency profile, just point the camera at the eSIM QR code, download the emergency profile, and you’re good to go.

If you have a previous owner that unlocked your phone or bought it from someone other than Verizon, you can do it on your own. You just need to have a SIM card for Verizon. You can use your own SIM card that you have on a computer or in a phone to unlock the phone.

The eSIM QR is used to activate the device on the Verizon network, but Verizon may require that you use the eSIM QR code to activate the device on the Verizon network. When this happens, you may need to enter the eSIM QR code on the back of the device.

How Do I Get an eSIM QR Code?

You will get a text message with your eSIM QR code. This step is optional. You may proceed to finish activating your device.

So, you have to get the My Verizon app from the app store. Once you have it installed, download the eSIM app by tapping on the hamburger menu icon on the main screen. When you do this, a QR code will appear on the screen in a pop up menu called “Add eSIM”. If you are looking for a QR code for other purposes, you can use a QR code generator.

How Do I Switch to eSIM on Verizon?

If you’d like to change from an eSIM for Verizon to a SIM inside your phone, you can call Verizon at 1-(800) 922-0204.

After your phone is activated, you can also get connected to the Verizon network via the same eSIM card in order to receive messages while you’re out of range.

Can Verizon Activate eSIM?

You can activate a SIM card on the My Verizon App, and it’s easy to do if you have an iPhone or another eSIM device.

If you own an iPhone, you can get it into any SIM that supports eSIM. This will allow you to put your cellular service on your smartphone. You can only use this on Verizon however. Once you put the SIM in, you can access your Verizon features.

Does Verizon Support eSIM on iPad?

Verizon does support eSIM on the iPad Pro 2021, but it’s limited to certain tablets.

iPad eSIM support on Verizon requires the device to be running iOS 11 or later, and the device must also support the Verizon Wireless network.

Because eSIM support will be enabled at launch, the feature will only be available for Verizon-supported devices. This does not mean that this feature will be available on other devices.

You should click “Settings” and see, “Verizon Cellular Plan Ready to be Installed.”
After that, you will need to go back to the App Store and install the application.

Now, when there is a problem with your eSim activation, you will be able to see it in the eSim activation screen, so that you can activate your eSim to activate an international number.

How Long Does it Take for Verizon eSIM to Activate?

If you previously used your phone on another carrier and now plan to port your device to Verizon, it’s best to wait until your current carrier has stopped offering service before completing the procedure.

Does the Verizon eSIM QR Code Work for Multiple Devices?

Unfortunately, if you use a QR Code you can only have a single QR code per device, and so you’ll need to purchase one for each device you want to use on Verizon Wireless. You may be able to use the same code for multiple devices if they are purchased via the same account, but only one device may be used at a time.

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You will get all these details as you scroll down.


You need to use the QR code on the email to get an eSIM. Otherwise, you’ll need to use an eSIM device that wasn’t originally purchased from Verizon or from a reseller.

One of the reasons why this was an issue was that the T-Mobile and AT&T devices were locked, meaning you can’t use them on Verizon.

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