Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Dye? [all You Need To Know!]

The recent COVID 19 outbreak made us all do the craziest things in our hair, we even saw a few different haircuts. Perhaps you’re having an episode of your own. We all need to do this right, we need the coronavirus to leave our hair alone.

I was looking for the hair dye at Tesco Express and I found this article that tells me where to find hair dye!

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Dye In 2022?

For example, a Tesco Express store located at a busy shopping centre could have a bigger range of hair dye available in their store, whereas the Tesco Express store at a small, local town might only have one hair dye in their store (or none).
When a person is talking about the availability of hair dye for purchase, they are talking about the different hair dye products available in the Tesco Express stores.

You can find all the information about clothes, accessories, and other products at:

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Does Tesco Express Sell Pink Hair Dye?

Schwarzkopf Shocking Pink hair dye is unlikely to be available in your local Tesco Express store but customers can buy this hair dye in Tesco supermarket locations if it is not available in your local store.

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Bleach?

When you’re at a Tesco Express store and you want to buy this product, you can either go to the customer service desk at the front or ask for the assistant/help-desk at the back.

The store stock a selection of hair bleach products including the Jerome Russell B Blonde Maximum Blonding Kit and the L’Oreal Colorista Effect Bleach Hair kit.

Which Hair Dye Brands Does Tesco Express Sell?

Hair dyes come in tons of colors, and you can easily find them on the shelves at your local Tesco Express. I had never heard of L’Oreal, Garnier, or Schwarzkopf before, but they all have a few colors of hair dye at their stores.

The range of hair colour includes brown, blond, and auburns. You can find these brands in more vibrant colours like purple, red, and blue.

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Colour Remover?

Although Tesco Express is not likely to sell hair colour remover, normal Tesco stores do sell the hair colour remover products like the Colour B4, Extra Strength Hair Colour Remover and the max effect kit.

Does Tesco Express Sell Disposable Rubber Gloves For Dying Hair?

You can buy hair-dying equipment from your local supermarket. A good place to find it is the cleaning section. These gloves are used by hair stylists to apply hair dye. They come in packs of 40 or 50 and cost about £23.99.

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Masks & Intensive Conditioner?

Unless you have an extra £5 to spend on shampoo and conditioner, it is unlikely that you can buy hair care products in Tesco Express.

Tesco supermarkets is selling hair masks and deep conditioners by various top brands such as: Pantene, Toni & Guy, John Freida, Garnier, Vatika, and L’Oreal.

Now, if anyone ever complains about the prices at Tesco Express stores, then they can simply visit a Tesco Express store and purchase those same products at a lower price.


Hair care on a budget tends to be less expensive at Tesco Express than other places, but also includes less variety. Often, it just includes a few hair care products that tend to be more expensive elsewhere.

To make sure that your hair is properly prepared for dyeing, you’ll need to have your hair removed from the roots first.

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