Will Verizon Phones Work With Straight Talk? (full Guide)

Verizon’s phones won’t work with Straight Talk but you can get unlimited domestic calling and texting on a Verizon phone using Straight Talk plans.

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Will Verizon Phones Work With Straight Talk In 2022?

Verizon plans are compatible with the Straight Talk network, but you won’t be able to use the phone while on the Straight Talk network. You’ll need to remove your Verizon SIM and replace it with a Straight Talk SIM and purchase a Straight Talk plan before it’ll become active.

Want to know more information about the coverage area with a Verizon phone on Straight Talk or other useful information? We’re going to tell you so much more, so keep reading for more facts!

Can I Bring a Verizon Phone to Straight Talk?

You can also use your Straight Talk plan on a Verizon phone, but you’ll be charged an additional $25/month due to a licensing agreement.

There is no way to be sure if your phone is compatible unless you check with Straight Talk. Their compatibility page is located here.

Do You Have to Unlock a Verizon Phone for Straight Talk?

If you want to get a phone SIM card from a local mobile phone service provider and you’re not in the U.S., this may not be something you can do. You probably need to buy a Straight Talk SIM card and SIM card reader and activate online. If you do end up needing to get a SIM card locally, you can probably find one for under $1 per SIM card.

When the SIM card is locked you cannot remove it from the device, so you will need to replace the SIM card if you want to use the device on another network.

However, not all unlocked Verizon phones will be compatible with the Straight Talk network, so you’ll need to check the compatibility of your phone before you proceed.

How Do I Activate a Verizon Phone on Straight Talk?

There are two ways you can activate your phone on Straight Talk. One way is via the on-line Activation website and the other way is through the Straight Talk Customer Care.

First, make sure that your cell is unlocked before you begin the activation process and also make sure that your phone is compatible with the Straight Talk network.

You’ll also need to swap out the Verizon SIM card with a Straight Talk SIM card. The Straight Talk SIM card is CDMA compatible and you can purchase it from the Straight Talk website.

Once you’ve inputted your IMEI number and other phone details, you can now follow the instructions on the activation page to get Straight Talk.

In addition, a credit card will be required to purchase a Straight Talk plan from the website and a debit card will be required to buy a Straight Talk card in advance.

For Verizon customers, going through the setup process can help if you’re having issues activating your phone on the Straight Talk network.

Can I Switch From Verizon to Straight Talk and Keep My Number?

Straight is currently working on moving phone numbers for Switching customers. You can contact them for more information.

To complete the activation process, choose which device you’re activating for, your Carrier and Device type, choose the activation amount, enter your account activation PIN, and finally enter your PIN verification code.

The only time you need to cancel your service is if you want to sign up for a new plan with a new phone number. But after that, you’ll need to start the process again.

You can also check the status of your number by calling our Customer Support team.

The port can take a while for a landline because they have to make a phone call, but porting your phone to a different network could be completed within 2 or 3 hours.

Will a Locked Verizon Phone Work on Straight Talk?

You can ONLY transfer a locked phone from Verizon to Straight Talk or vice versa.

So locking a phone or any mobile device means that you can’t get on a different network. So if you had Straight Talk, you’d have to pay them for the privilege of talking to other networks.

Will a Verizon Prepaid Phone Work on Straight Talk?

A prepaid phone can be activated on Straight Talk and you can use it for up to 30 days. After that, you’ll be required to subscribe to either the Verizon or T-Mobile plan.

This is because you have to make a one-month payment before you can switch a phone off of your Verizon network.

There are also rumors that the Galaxy Note 3 and S4 phones may never be able to be activated once they were sold in India.

Do You Have to Pay for a Verizon Phone While Switching to Straight Talk?

You will continue to have to pay your Verizon phone bill and associated costs during the port to Straight Talk.

You will either have to pay $350 or lose your plan completely, depending on how many months you have left on your contract.


This has been made known that most cell phones that we know of work with Straight Talk’s network as long as the phone is compatible and the phone has not been locked to Verizon.

Verizon makes it easy to sign up for service; however, I had to sign up for the service, and it takes only a couple of hours to complete.

 Straight Talk SIM card should be put into the same phone that was previously used with Verizon. Then your phone should be changed to the Straight Talk network, and a new account should be created on the Straight Talk network, and a plan should be purchased.

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