Does Dollar General Sell Straight Talk Cards? (all You Need To Know)

Prepaid phones and phone cards are handy, a way to stay in touch, and a handy way to keep track of important happenings.

If you might be wondering, if Dollar General sells Straight Talk cards, perhaps to help you stay connected with friends and family.

Does Dollar General Sell Straight Talk Cards in 2022?

To learn more about which phones and credit cards you’re allowed to use at Dollar General, keep reading for the next part in this article!

Can You Buy Straight Talk Phone Cards at Dollar General Stores?

You can’t buy Straight Talk cards at Dollar General. They are only sold at Walmart, online at, and

Not only that, but the price of the iPhone SE in the US is higher than the price of the iPhone 7 in Mexico.

What Phones and Phone Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

If you have a compatible Sprint phone you can use AT&T’s network, which includes some coverage everywhere in the US. You can even buy a new phone with a two-year contract or a cheap new phone for no money down.

iphones, android, and samsung galaxy devices can be found at dollar general stores. The devices are generally around 5-8 dollars.

This is a mobile phone you can buy in a dollar general store.

What Phone Plans and SIM Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

– Prepaid cell phones can be purchased at Dollar General, but not online, including phones from cell phone companies such as TracFone, Total Wireless, AT&T, and Simple Mobile. Other stores that sell phones include Walmart, Target, and Radio Shack.

How Much Do Prepaid Phone Cards Cost at Dollar General?

If you have a mobile phone, prepaid service is an option. You can buy prepaid phone cards in many different denominations at the Dollar General in your area. You can also purchase or apply for a phone plan with a certain monthly cost based on the number of minutes you use.

The reusable prepaid cards can be reloaded at Dollar General and are only good for a purchase.

What SIM Card Kits Can You Buy at Dollar General?

When you purchase a new smartphone or a SIM card, make sure to check if you need to have a different SIM card for wireless service than your old phone.

Many people decide to buy a SIM card because you can keep your own phone and number and just sign up for a service plan with the provider of your choice.

SIM is a micro-chip which is the most important feature of a mobile device. This acts as a “key” to the mobile device which allows it to communicate with the network.

However if you buy the SIM card then it’s best to check if the card is compatible with your phone.

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Walmart does not sell Sprint phones. Sprint phones and phones are exclusively sold at Walmart stores and online at and

Dollar General does sell some prepaid phones, phone cards, and SIM cards from various service providers but the website is not the only way to obtain these items.

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