Amazon Fake Products Policy (all You Need To Know)

Amazon sells a lot of electronic devices, including Samsung, Apple, and other well-known brands. However, some customers have stumbled across listings of these products that are actually fake.

In the past, customers may have been asking this question to see how strict Amazon is regarding fake products. Now, I’ll be providing the information on the topic!

Amazon’s Fake Product Policy In 2022

Amazon allows sellers to use its Amazon-branded credit card to process legitimate transactions. Sellers can also use their own bank account to process sales, and can use their bank’s debit card or e-currency card to pay for their own or their buyers’ orders.

Learn more about Amazon’s policy, fake products, how to report a fake listing on Amazon, what to do with fake purchases, and more in this post!

Does Amazon Allow Sellers To List Fake Products?

When a seller sells an item that is considered to be counterfeit (that is, copied or imitated in a way that is likely to deceive customers), they are violating the Amazon Seller Policy and could be banned from selling Amazon.

I have been informed that this is a matter of national security.

[Old Original]: If you see a counterfeit product, please contact our Customer Service team at:
[New Original]: If you see a counterfeit product, please contact our Online Security Team at:
[Old New Original]: These are not the official versions of the products purchased.
[New Original]: These are not the official versions of the purchased items.

“Faux” or “Counterfeit” Products
A product, service, or item with little or no resemblance to the true and correct counterpart in appearance, function or quality. A counterfeit product is one that is deliberately or accidentally copied.

What Can I Do If My Amazon Purchase is a Fake?

If you see a product on Amazon that isn’t what you expected, you should contact Amazon customer service and claim a refund.

Amazon guarantees a refund for any item that does not work when you receive it.

Therefore, customers who have received a counterfeit item will automatically be offered a refund for a counterfeit item.

Customers should be careful not to overpay for items, which may result in paying for shipping and handling fees twice.

If you see an Amazon seller’s account, you can contact Amazon asking them to review the seller’s account and take down the unauthorized affiliate links.

If you still don’t receive a refund it’s best to contact your credit card provider and request a chargeback.

How Do I Spot Fake Products on Amazon?

If you are unsure if a product is fake, you should take care to look for key details.

The fake product may be selling in limited quantities or having an unfulfilled need. This product will not be of the quality that you are paying for.

Also, customers are recommended to search through other items in the listing to see if they are similar to the item they want to buy.

Customers are recommended to be wary of shopping on any websites that are not authorized by the creators. If they purchase from a website that is not authorized or authentic, they may end up with fake products and face a plethora of different issues.

Will Amazon Offer a Refund for a Fake Product?

Amazon will generally offer a refund for fake products if they are not as they were advertised in their appearance or function. Consumers have up to 90 days to request a refund by filing an A to Z Guarantee against the seller.

Amazon will not pay refunds for fake products with missing parts and/or that are broken in transit.
Amazon will not pay refunds for fake products if they were purchased through third party sellers.

Customers should be warned that if they wish to return the fake product, they must pay for return shipping or arrange for the shipping to be paid by someone else.

For customers who are still worried after seeing the fake product, they are still able to report the fake product so that Amazon can remove it.

If customers are unsuccessful in obtaining a refund from Amazon, they may be able to ask for a chargeback from their credit cards.

How Do I Report a Fake Product to Amazon?

You can report a fake product to Amazon by calling their customer service number, and explain the necessary details to a customer service representative.

You can report the item purchased by doing the following:

Log in to your Amazon Payments account and open the Item Purchases section.
Select the transactions you would like to report and then select the Report Transaction button.

There are lots of fake products on Amazon with a very low rating (in many cases 0 star). The customer will not receive a refund in these cases. Amazon should always refund a counterfeit product.

Nevertheless, even after reporting the removal of the product to Amazon, it will still appear on the website for a minimum of 24 hours and the product may return.

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Amazon’s policy specifically states that any seller who lists items of a certain nature will have their selling privileges removed.

If you want to report a counterfeit item, you can do so by contacting Amazon. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Amazon’s policies on products or counterfeits, you can contact Amazon’s customer service.

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