Amazon Empty Package (what To Do, Contacting Amazon, Refunds + More)

Amazon runs into packaging issues because the high volume of packages they send causes the quality of their packages to decrease.

If you would like to find out if you received an empty Amazon package, you can check the details section of the shipping and delivery details.
Amazon will send an email to your email account to let you know whether something was shipped or not.
You can also check if it was shipped via Amazon’s tracking tool.

Amazon Empty Package 

If you receive an empty package but the tracking information is valid and the seller is willing to help resolve the issue, you can contact the seller. After you confirm that the seller can help resolve this issue, it is your responsibility to file a delivery complaint with Amazon. When you file any delivery complaint with Amazon, you will receive a refund for the amount you paid on the order and the shipping costs.

If you’d like to learn more about why Amazon packages arrive empty, who to contact if an Amazon package arrives empty and more, you can read for more facts, tips and useful information!

Why Did I Receive an Empty Package From Amazon?

Either the customer accidentally got a new package without opening the old one.
Either the customer got a new package and opened the old one.

Another main reason is because if a customer is a day late with picking up their order, it will delay the shipping time of other people’s orders.

If all the info on the packing slip is correct and the recipient is a verified paypal or credit card user, they’ll most likely get the package.

The recipient is recommended to report the package to Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission.

* The [Original][Paraphrase] can be reworded. If the recipient is concerned about the box being a scam, they are recommended to report it to both Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission.
* The [Paraphrase] can be reworded. If the recipient is concerned about the box being a scam, they are recommended to report it to both Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission.

What Should I Do If I Receive an Empty Amazon Package?

If an Amazon package is returned with no item inside it, then there are several things that you can do to rectify the situation.

Customers can also go through their Amazon account to verify if the gift they received was one they ordered.

Then, the customer can ask Amazon’s Customer Service to open an investigation and change the status of the package to “Not Received”.

Don’t take too much stress, just contact your order directly and inform them of the mistake, let’s settle the issues so Amazon won’t be bothered to investigate.

And this is not all. Amazon has also started removing the orders which are being placed for a limited number of products only. It is also very important to check the shipping date on the website as well as the email received, as we cannot be held responsible if the package is shipped before the specified shipping date.

Customers with an order that has an estimated delivery date are recommended to check the tracking status of their order to ensure it’s the same item they have been waiting for.

The recipient can contact the seller and inform them of the delivery mistake. After confirming the package belongs to the recipient, they then must contact the Amazon seller directly and inform them of the delivery mistake.

Do I Contact Amazon If I Receive an Empty Package?

Customers that find the value of the product higher than the estimated value can contact the direct seller of the product to get their money back.

If a customer has a problem with the seller, they can contact Amazon as well as the seller to address the issue. If the issue was caused by the fulfillment center, the buyer must contact Amazon and the fulfillment center.

Amazon will either accept or deny customers’ requests to return unwanted items using the website or the Amazon customer service centre.

Amazon sometimes refunds customers if the empty box was supposed to contain the item they placed a few weeks ago.

If you did order the box, you can report that you did but it will be disposed of anyway.

Does Amazon Refund Empty Packages?

If an order’s tracking status appears that it was delivered, Amazon will refund the order, even if the package is empty. If a package is sent, and not delivered to a customer, Amazon will refund that item.

If a customer has not placed an order in the last 90 days or if the package has not been delivered to them, Amazon may not grant a refund without proof of purchase.

Nevertheless, the customer is encouraged to report this transaction if it was sent to them wrongfully, as the customer could either be a victim of a scam or the original purchaser is waiting for their package to arrive.

Does Amazon Offer Replacements for Empty Packages?

If a customer has ordered an item from Amazon and received an empty box, Amazon will offer a full refund.

Consumers that purchased their item may request a replacement item instead of paying for a new one.

However, if customers placed an order through a third-party seller, Amazon can’t offer a product replacement, as Amazon fulfillment centers are not in charge of packaging and shipping such orders.

Therefore, if customers prefer a replacement, they can request a replacement from the third-party seller directly.

In the event that the third-party seller does not answer your request, you are entitled to an “A to Z Guarantee” against the seller.

Are Empty Amazon Packages a Scam?

While Amazon fulfillment centres are usually one of the reasons why people receive empty boxes, there are also a number of scammers who ship these empty boxes to people’s houses.

Amazon sellers that sell counterfeit goods are often based off of countries with unreliable shipping systems, but then don’t deliver the box at all.

If you can’t wait to buy any item from them, you may want to buy it from somewhere else so that you don’t get scammed.

People should ask the seller if they have the item they’re selling. If the seller responds that they do, it’s usually a good sign.

If a seller would like to offer evidence of their product, they may be willing to do so. It is advisable to remain vigilant and avoid buying products from dubious sellers.

You can report an “empty box” scam by calling Amazon customer service and the Federal Trade Commission.

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You may receive an empty Amazon packaging box which normally contains your order due to a shipping error in the Amazon fulfillment center.

Amazon has also been warned that if the company doesn’t improve their business practices then their business could be at risk, if they don’t improve their practices then they could be at risk and could lose more customers.

To request a refund, recipients can contact Amazon customer service and ask for a refund.

Consumers can also report a suspicious listing that they’ve found on Amazon.

Please have patience.

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