Amazon Order Not Shipping (why Is It Not Shipping, Contacting Amazon + More)

In the original model, the estimated time was always the same regardless of order size, and the guarantee was always the same too.

If you’ve been trying to order something from Amazon, but you’re not seeing it shipping within a set timeframe, keep reading. You’ll see why this is happening.

Why Is Amazon Order Is Not Shipping?

When a user notices that an Amazon order is taking a lot longer time to ship than usual, they will often check with the customer service team to determine if it requires additional assistance. If not, the user will be notified by Amazon’s shipping staff to check the tracking information to see when the order will ship.

If you would like to learn more about why your Amazon order isn’t shipping, how to check your order shipping status, if prolonged shipping times could qualify orders for refunds, and more, keep reading for more useful facts!

More Reasons Why Your Amazon Order Has Not Been Shipped

The order could have been placed incorrectly or the order could be delayed by the carrier.

Sometimes, an item listed as “in stock” doesn’t actually exist, and the online sellers are waiting for it to become available so they can fulfill the order.

When you order something from Amazon, you’ll be notified of any problems before your credit card is charged. Your card will never be charged until the product you ordered arrives.

However, if people are not happy that the order is taking so long to ship, they can go to their Orders page and cancel the order.

Another common reason for a shipping delay could be that the Amazon fulfillment centers in charge of a customer’s order are congested.

The issues could be the delivery strikes, the issues of the high-priority orders, and, the other similar problems.

Customers should pay attention that if there is still an estimated delivery time for an order, it is not considered as a delayed order.

However, if 48 hours have passed and there has not been a delivery, users can contact Amazon and report a missing delivery.

How Can I Check My Amazon Order Shipping Status?

Amazon should know who is going to make use of this API.
I think the customer is the user who makes an order.
And in this case, this customer’s email address isn’t changed.
This API is used to confirm the order, so this API should be used by the customer.
But the data is retrieved by the email address of the customer.

If Amazon doesn’t hear back from you within 15 business days, it assumes your shipment has been lost and won’t charge your account.

Therefore, customers will be notified of any changes to the packages they have purchased.

The update is only required if your app has not updated automatically. If your app has automatically updated, you do not need to update your application to get this new version.

Can I Contact Amazon If My Package Hasn’t been Shipped?

If a package still is not delivered to a customer, then they can contact Amazon customer service either by phone or the instant messaging feature on

It will check on the status of the package and if there is a problem, Amazon will then offer information they are able to obtain.

However, if Amazon cannot find a customer’s package, the customer will be offered a refund or a replacement item.

What Causes Shipping Delays at Amazon?

When there’s a lot of orders in, the system tends to have problems, and it might get backed up and take a long time to process.

For example, if there are a lot of regular orders arriving at Amazon’s fulfillment center, Prime orders will be given more priority than regular orders.

There’s a chance that an unexpected event could occur, that Amazon will need to prioritize essential items over recreational orders, such as a natural disaster or global crisis.

Sometimes if one of the items ordered goes out of stock, your order may get delayed. Or sometimes, the item may be in stock and you may receive it before your order is placed.

If an order is out of stock, Amazon will generally notify customers about the situation and will either not charge the credit card or will not process a refund if the order has already been fully processed.

Does Amazon Offer Refunds for Prolonged Shipping Times?

If you choose to receive your package past its estimated delivery date or it was lost in the mail, you may be fully refunded for the item you have purchased.

For example, if you selected ground shipping, we cannot guarantee when your order will arrive. You will be refunded for any deliveries attempted prior to the guaranteed delivery date.

It is possible for a customer to place an order and for the guarantee not to be fulfilled in the shipping status. In this case, the customer is eligible for a refund.

If the product is listed as out of stock, it is out of stock.
If the product is out of stock, and the seller offers a refund on the product, you are eligible to receive a refund.
If the product is out of stock, and the seller doesn’t offer a refund on the product, you are eligible to receive a refund only if the order has failed to arrive.

There are many products on Amazon. You can learn more about them on their website. You can also call them on their phone number. They deliver on time.


According to our internal systems, we’ve seen a large amount of orders from Amazon Prime customers during the holidays. During peak times, Amazon has an enormous amount of orders to process and therefore cannot ship as soon as the order is placed.

A customer can contact Amazon customer service when their package has a delay, and they can also contact Amazon customer service for an update and/or explanation.

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