Amazon Not Yet Shipped For Days (Why This Happens & What To Do!)

Amazon is one of the most well-known and popular online retailers. However, Amazon does not always deliver on time.

It is possible to find yourself in the unfortunate situation of waiting for your new purchase to arrive and then finding out that it doesn’t come as quickly as you expected. We all get anxious at times and can think the worst of these situations.

So, why is this happening and what can you do to fix it?

Why is my Amazon order not being shipped yet?

This could happen for a number of reasons. Most commonly, it is because you bought from a third-party seller, an unforeseen event occurred, or there are priority items before your order.

These are the reasons your Amazon order has not shipped yet. We’ll also discuss what to do and what you can expect in this time.

Third Party Sellers

This is the most common reason why orders take so long to ship. However, it shouldn’t surprise that this happens since you can see the estimated time of arrival at the price.

If it takes longer than expected, you might want to contact the seller directly and resolve the problem.

Emergencies and Unforeseen Event

This is a simple but important reminder. Amazon may be affected by unforeseen circumstances that could change the order of things.

This serves as a bridge to the next topic.

Prioritized Items

Amazon had to prioritize some items during the pandemic in order to keep the virus from spreading. This led to alarming levels of sales.

Amazon prioritized domestic appliances and medical supplies in this way.


Asking questions is the best way to clarify any confusion or lack thereof.

Sometimes the cause of the delay may be very specific and cannot be resolved unless you contact Amazon’s support team or send them a message.

They are usually very understanding and helpful with any issues that you may have.

There are some other things that you may want to know, aside from the reason your order was delayed.

Why does the estimated delivery date change?

Amazon may sometimes show you that your delivery status is changing constantly or may even say “Shipping Soon”. These are just a few reasons why you might be seeing this.

  • You may have made a mistake in the address. You should double-check it just in case. Your order might not be able to be delivered if it has been sent to a PO Box or to a pick-up location. It is important to know which items can be picked up at a pickup location.
  • They will only accept your payment once they have shipped your order. You should verify the details if your payment has not been processed.
  • You may also find out that the item you are looking for is not in stock.

These issues are easy to comprehend and very clear. You may want to keep them in mind to be able to quickly solve them.

Amazon Guarantees

If you feel that you are just trying to jump over too many hurdles in order to obtain the item you bought, Amazon will gladly refund you for up to 90 days if you meet the following conditions.’s A-to-Z Guarantee:

  • Even after 3 days from the estimated delivery date, you have not received your package.
  • Although it says that your order was delivered, you still have not received it.
  • You were sent the wrong item, and you requested that it be returned.
  • The item was returned but you didn’t receive a refund.

Amazon offers a Guaranteed Delivery service that guarantees delivery of your product. This allows you to request a refund of the shipping fees if the product does not arrive within the specified time.

These are the conditions that Amazon’s Guaranteed Delivery requires you to fulfill if you want to request a shipping return.

  • You chose a shipping method that corresponded to the shipping option on the product page.
  • You entered a real address.
  • Your order was placed before the “order within” countdown had ended.
  • Amazon will send you an email with the delivery date.

How to Call Customer Service

You’ve heard it many times: Contact customer service if all else fails. But how do you know what to do?

You can call customer service at 1206-922-880 to report any problems with your order, shipping or both.

Customer service will only assist with specific orders. While it might take them a while to get back to you or to come up with a solution for you, they usually do.

If you wish to complain about shipping or billing, however, you won’t be able to do so with a representative. Instead, you will need to speak with a supervisor.

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There are many reasons why your order isn’t shipped, from third-party policies on the platform to unforeseeable events.

This is why it is important to keep track of all your orders and decide whether you want to ask for a refund or ship the product back.

Remember that you, the customer, must be satisfied with the transaction result regardless of the circumstances. So make sure to find out why your order didn’t ship and how you can resolve it.

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