Amazon Order Hasn’t Shipped After A Week (why + How To Resolve)

Amazon doesn’t know the best way to handle the delays. This means that you’re waiting for the item, you’re waiting for the return, and you’re waiting for the refund.

Now, let’s say that you’re the one at fault. In which case, I’m sorry.

What happens is that because of the fact that Amazon is a US-based company, there’s a lot of issues between EU and US. Especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Why Hasn’t My Amazon Order Shipped After a Week In 2022?

If an Amazon order hasn’t shipped by the end of the week, it’s likely due to it not being available at your local fulfillment center, which means it has to be shipped from a different facility internally in 2022. Also, most items from third-party sellers have a 7-day processing time. If you don’t hear from the seller within 7 days, let us know.

More about this issue:

We have a policy that if the item has not shipped within two days of the item reaching us, we will refund the purchase. There’s no reason to ship the item back to us, because we have already shipped it to you. If for some reason you order something and it has not shipped within two days after you order it, you could email us at and ask them to cancel your order.

Why Has My Amazon Order Not Been Shipped?

There is an issue with the shipping address (this is called a “mis-ship”).
The shipping address is incorrect (this can happen due to human error, or a change in address).

In these cases, Amazon will not allow you to place an order and wait for the items to be shipped through its normal channels (since you haven’t ordered any items yet).

What If My Amazon Package Hasn’t Shipped Yet?

You can ship to a different address. You can specify a delivery date to ship to. You can set an e-mail reminder.

You should have received a shipping notification from Amazon when the item was shipped. If you did not, and that is the case, you should contact Amazon.

If you order something from Amazon and it does not come in a week or two, you can use the website or app to contact Amazon.

1. Select the Orders and Shipments tab.
1. Click the View Order button of the order you want to contact the seller for support.

Can I Cancel My Amazon Order If It Hasn’t Shipped Yet?

You can always cancel your order. Simply click the Cancel Order or Contact Seller button at the bottom of the order page.
Click the Contact Seller link in the order summary, which will take you to the Order History page, and look for the Order Status field. You will see a status of either “Processing” or “Shipping”, meaning that either your order has not yet been processed, or it’s the process of getting it shipped to you.

You’ll receive an email saying that you chose to cancel and will then be auto-renewed for the amount that you selected if the cancellation was successful.

Once the cancellation is confirmed, the item is removed from marketplace and will be removed from your Order History as well. If you’ve listed multiple items in the same order, they may be combined into one refund.

How Can I Get My Amazon Package to Come Faster?

If you are a first time shopper or simply cannot wait, you can opt to purchase your item directly from the seller. They then ship it directly to you via a private courier. This may speed up your order, but you will lose a little control. This can be a good way to get an item that is only available from a seller that you like, though.

You cannot change the shipping speed of your item. If you want to speed up shipping, you need to cancel the order.

You should contact Amazon Customer Service to verify if your item has shipped if you cannot change the speed and it is not showing as shipped on your account.

If you’re interested on learning why USPS is so expensive, then you can read our post on why is USPS shipping so expensive.


Your order is usually placed from a different warehouse than where it will be shipped. If this is the case, we would recommend contacting us so we can investigate the issue and resolve the issue.

Another concern is that the delivery times for Prime Members could be pushed due to shipping delays and/or delivery workers getting busy with other tasks.

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