If You Cancel An Order On Amazon Are You Still Charged? (Find Out!)

Amazon orders for Christmas are increasing as winter approaches. We can get so excited about Christmas that we forget to check it out.

You might wonder if Amazon charges you if you cancel your order. What is Amazon’s cancellation policy?

We’ve covered everything you need about Amazon’s cancellation policy, and how to cancel an Amazon purchase.

Is Amazon still charging you if you cancel an order?

Amazon will not charge for cancellations made before orders are shipped. This includes orders placed by third-party sellers and orders purchased via reward points. Amazon will also fully refund any order cancelled before it ships.

The refund will be processed within three to thirty business days depending on the payment method you chose.

What is Amazon’s cancellation policy?

Amazon customers can cancel physical orders or order that have not yet been shipped. You can cancel an order if it is still “Pending” on your order page. You don’t have to pay any additional fees for cancelling Amazon orders.

You cannot cancel any individual items that were purchased as part of a discounted bundle. Amazon will cancel your entire bundle if you do this.

After successful cancellation of an order, Amazon will send you a confirmation email. You can then check the status of your cancellation via email, the Amazon app or the website.

Amazon will issue a full refund within three to thirty business days depending on the method of payment. Amazon gift cards and Amazon reward points orders are also eligible for a refund.

Can you cancel an order after it has been shipped?

Orders that have been shipped cannot be cancelled. You can cancel an order once it has been shipped. The seller will contact you and give you two options: either return the item or ask for a refund.

Although you cannot cancel an order once it has been shipped, you can cancel the delivery. These steps will help you do this:

If the order has been fulfilled by Amazon, you cannot cancel the delivery. You can choose to refuse delivery of orders placed by third-party sellers or return the package through Amazon’s Online Returns Center.

Amazon’s customer service is unmatched worldwide and the main reason Amazon is the largest online retailer.

To cancel an order, you can contact Amazon’s customer support even after it has been shipped. Amazon customer service can cancel orders based on the seller and item.

Amazon customer service can be reached at 1-888-280-4331 (toll free number) or 1-206-922-880 (international number).

Note: All new and unopened Amazon products can be returned within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund. For a complete listing of items that are returnable or non-returnable, please refer to Amazon’s Return Policy.

How to Cancel an Amazon Order after it’s been Delivered

What should you do if you forget to cancel your order or cancel delivery? You have two options: either return the item, or refuse Amazon’s delivery.

Both options allow you to cancel your order once it has been shipped. Amazon will provide a full refund, subject to Amazon’s refund policy.

Return the item

You can return an item that has been shipped to you and receive a full refund. The return policy of Amazon will determine if the item can be returned. Amazon will accept most unopened, new items within 30 days of delivery. You will receive a full refund.

Amazon will not accept returns on all purchases, software included, except for groceries and jewelry. Before you return any item, please refer to Amazon’s complete list of non-returnable products.

Refuse the package

You can avoid the hassle of returning an item and simply refuse delivery at your doorstep. You don’t have to pay anything and Amazon and the delivery company won’t charge anything.

You can also get your money back if you refuse to purchase the package. However, terms and conditions apply.

We recommend that you only use this option as a last resort, since the seller will pay for shipping costs. Amazon sellers pay for many items just to get an item delivered to your door. You can pay for packing, storage, delivery and many other costs.

You could lose your Amazon seller if you use this method of refusing delivery. You will be the one who suffers when that happens.

Contact Amazon customer service for more information on their policy regarding package refusals at 1-888-280-44331 (toll free number) or 1-206-922-880 (international number).

How to deal with an Amazon order that was accidentally cancelled

You cannot cancel an Amazon order if you make an error. These steps will make it easy to reorder your item.

The Buy it again button may not be visible. This could indicate that the item has been out of stock. The item must be repurchased from the original information page where it was purchased.


Are you charged if you cancel your order? You will not be charged for cancelling an Amazon order. Amazon will also reimburse you for your entire order cancellation fee if it is not shipped yet.

Cancelling an order can be done even after it has been shipped. However, you cannot cancel delivery orders that are fulfilled by Amazon.

You can return an item that has been shipped if it is not in its original packaging and ask for a refund. Be aware that Amazon has a return policy that applies to all orders. Not all items can be returned.

Are you familiar with cancelling orders from Amazon? Please share your Amazon experience with us in the comments section below.

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