Walmart Cancellation Pending (what It Means + How To Resolve)

We have seen a large increase in online shopping. By replacing in person interactions with digital technology, we’ve opened up a whole new host of retail issues when orders go awry.

If the order is set to be delivered via store pickup or store pickup only, Walmart will cancel the order and return it to pick-up.
If the order is set to be delivered via FedEx, the order will be canceled and returned to FedEx.

Walmart Cancellation Pending In 2022

If your Walmart order was canceled due to not having the product in stock or a listing error. You can contact customer service to get a refund. Unfortunately, your order could have been canceled at any time, so it is important that you contact customer service as soon as you realize your order cannot be delivered.

Walmart says it cancels an order when an item is no longer available for purchase, or when the order contains items that are not eligible for a purchase. These can include items that are out of stock, items that are too large or are on clearance. In these cases, Walmart says the order is automatically canceled so it can’t be shipped.

What Does Walmart Cancellation Pending Mean?

If you order is processed in a time-sensitive situation it can take 72 hours before your order is processed and marked as “cancellation pending”.

The request being processed is getting cancelled/approved, so it’s just a matter of time before the request is done.

The user is asked if they’d like to view that content again.

Why Was Your Walmart Order Cancelled?

A customer placed an item in the wrong location.
A customer asked for too many items or items were not ordered.
A customer may have purchased another item and is cancelling.

If Walmart was the only place you bought it and it’s sold out, they will cancel the order.

To avoid losing money or overcharging as well as avoid making the customer feel that they have been deceived, Walmart will cancel the order if it is made in error.

How Do You Resolve A Walmart Cancellation Pending?

You can submit a cancellation request to a merchant that has a confirmed address change. This will prevent the processing of your cancellation request.
You can have the payment refunded by the merchant who processed your order.
You can have your credit card refunded by your bank.

Please note that refunding is not available for all merchants (ie: gift card).

If you intentionally choose to cancel the order, you will have to wait for it to be processed.

If you accidentally canceled the order or Walmart cancelled the order on their end, you will unfortunately have to accept the cancellation. They cannot be undone once initiated.

If a product description mishap caused Walmart to cancel the listing, you could perhaps wait to see if the listing gets updated and repurchase later (see below for how the refunds work).

If they are not in the inventory, you could have them return to a different location and attempt to purchase from there.

If you accidentally canceled because you clicked on the button without meaning to, you will need to re-add the items to your cart (this can be done easily from the order history).

When Will Walmart Refund You After A Cancellation?

You can see the money back in your account within a week, or pending charges hold removed.

So if you see that a card has been cancelled due to a pending charge, it’s a good idea to cancel it right away.

It’s really unfair how they can take our money instantly at the click of a mouse, but when it comes time for them to give it back, it can take days.

And the money is also automatically withdrawn from your account, and added to our account,
If you change your mind and cancel your order before it is ready for pick up, then we need to refund your payment.

It’s up to your bank when they work with different banks and what they work with at different times.

If you place an order, and it’s considered “shipped” the moment you pay, you are charged immediately. When we say that we charge immediately, it’s because the order is processed and the product is shipped even if you haven’t yet received your confirmation email. If you’d like to learn more about our shipping policy and how it works, the link below is a good place to start. Thank you!

For example, for $100 of funds to be loaded into my account, I’ll see a total of $100. However, the majority of that $100 is actually pending.

As you can see the amount has not actually been withdrawn, but has been set aside in some way.

If you try to add a different credit card, they will say “your request has been canceled”.

However, It could take the same amount of time as a refund or some other action could take time, and also, it will be at the discretion of the bank.

If you cancel your order now, your order will be cancelled for all eligible items, except those that are eligible for returns.
If you don’t pick up your order before it is ready for pick-up, your order will be cancelled for all eligible items.
If you decide to cancel and then buy your items at another store, you won’t be able to return to Walmart. But you can return to any store you bought your order from.


If you made a successful purchase, you can either cancel it and order again (i.e., make the purchase again), or you can call the merchant to change your choice of delivery or collection method for the item.

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