What Does Shipped Mean On Amazon? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon is a global online marketplace which is known for its huge reach, easy access and the range of items it offers.

When your order says it has shipped, do not assume that it has left the factory and is on its way to you. Instead, look at other factors such as the shipping method.

What Does “Shipped” Mean on Amazon In 2022?

As we ship every day with our online store we have the opportunity to communicate with our Amazon customer service and we have an amazing relationship with them. It is safe to say that we’ve shipped more than 35,000 orders on Amazon and we can’t imagine the logistics and challenges that lie ahead so we really appreciate the Amazon customer service.

To learn all you need to know about your order’s status saying “shipped” on Amazon you can go to the Amazon.com status page by clicking here. This will show you when your order was shipped, as well as a plethora of other information about your order. You will also learn how to check what status your order is in, what other Amazon.com statuses there are, and much more along the way.

What Does “Shipped with Amazon” Mean?

When you order something with Amazon, Amazon first places the order in your name (using your shipping address) with their Logistics division. Then, Amazon makes sure the order is shipped to you. They have the shipping address.

You are sending me the wrong tracking number. It shows a different number and different date than what the status page shows.
My order still has not gone through.
I have tried contacting and calling and was never able to get a reply.
Please see what you can do to resolve this.

Troy M.

Amazon Logistic is an Amazon’s warehouse and delivery company. It takes delivery products from Amazon’s warehouse and delivers it to the customer.

Amazon uses Logistics as well as the other international shipping companies like FedEx and UPS.

In some cities, Amazon’s logistics partners will take a piece of the action rather than offer delivery free of charge to customers, which means they will collect the shipping fee. Even so it is possible to receive your items without the shipping fee being charged to your Amazon account.

What Does “Shipped with 4PX” Mean on Amazon?

When your order says it was shipped with 4PX, it means that the seller packaged the product and used 4PX to pay the shipping
services. This might be an indication that the seller made it through a payment service like PayPal or Amazon Payments.

4PX is a company that focuses on fulfillment. They have warehouses in several places including China.

When it comes to cross-border operations, there’s no clear winner. In our experience, the biggest challenge for cross-border sellers is getting the right products to cross the border. Sometimes these cross-border sellers don’t have warehouses in their country, so they’d have to arrange to have their products picked up in their country and shipped to Amazon.
For that to work, sellers need help selling in their country.
For that, they rely on Amazon.

If the seller says it’s 4PX and is using a new or refurbished box, it is most likely made locally in China.

What Does “Delayed Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

When your order on Amazon says it’s “delayed – not yet shipped” it means that there is a problem with the way the order has been processed which has made it impossible to ship the order within the estimated delivery time. The reason for the delay might be anything from the package not being able to be delivered to a wrong address or that the product has to be returned to the manufacturer.

If the package has been delivered, it could be that it came in error. You can see more information by contacting your local Post Office.

When the order status does not update, it could mean that your package has been delivered, but there is no tracking code in the system. This would prevent the system from updating the status of the order.

Your package will take longer to be shipped because it takes longer to pack the things you bought.

You might have received this information because the item you ordered was not available but you needed to buy something else in the same range. We think it will most likely be because of your order volume.

It could also be a result of unforeseen factors that are placing abnormal strain on supply chain disruptions or natural disasters.

What Does “Shipped with Other” Mean on Amazon?

When your order says it has been “shipped with other,” this means one of your items is in another package.

This usually happens when you bought many items around the same time so Amazon packages them together to simplify the whole process.

If you buy multiple items, don’t be surprised if items get shipped separately. We’re just trying to avoid the logistics nightmare of trying to combine various items into one box, and we don’t want things to be damaged in the process.

Certain sellers will ship your purchase if it’s something sensitive that you don’t want people to know you bought.

What Does “Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

If the shipment is not yet in transit for a given order, an email will be sent notifying the customer that the order has not yet shipped.

It can also be triggered by the “check” action of a “Check Workflow” operation. The check action can be initiated by a manual check or automatically triggered by an operation scheduled to run frequently (such as a daily/weekly/monthly operation).

When your order hasn’t been packaged into boxes and is not logged or ready for shipment, it might take a few days for the order to be processed.

This is where it differs from the “ship date is unknown” status on Amazon.

When you order the product on Amazon, there is a small delay in the delivery because the product is ordered from the third-party Amazon seller, not Amazon directly.

If you own an Amazon Prime account, you can know more about this article.

In addition to that, you can also read our blog on how to buy and sell on Amazon.


“Shipped on Amazon” means it sold on Amazon, while “shipped with Amazon” means it was picked and packed at a fulfillment center, then shipped to your house. The AMZL_US designation means the seller used third party couriers to ship the product to your address, then Amazon took on the shipping duties.

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