Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow? (7 Reasons Why)

Amazon has a lot of customers. And they deliver a lot of packages. So they advertise fast delivery times, but we’ve heard lots of complaints about long shipping times.

I’ve used Amazon’s delivery service for a while, and noticed that it is very slow. Recently, I had a package go missing, and discovered that it had been delivered to a local Amazon facility. So, I’m going to give you 7 reasons as to why your package may be delayed, and how you can remedy the problem!


Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow In 2022?

1. Transport Issues

There are a lot of books that Amazon has to package and ship out every day. Packaging a book takes a lot of time and can make errors sometimes happen.

If a package has not arrived after a significant period of time it is possible that the shipping label was damaged during the packaging process, therefore, the address of the package could not be fully identified.

A customer could contact customer service or they could use Amazon’s tracking feature to learn where their package is currently located.

2. Weather Conditions

When bad weather hits different locations, the couriers in charge of delivering Amazon packages may have to delay their delivery because of the dangers involved.

So you may be thinking I’ve got to let my business sit and wait for a while while I make sure my premises are safe.

If the online retailer has not yet received your package, it is recommended that you check the weather updates in your area for possible accounts of bad weather.

3. Small P.O Box

Amazon delivery driver may be blocked from delivering your package to a P.O Box.
This could cause issues if you are expecting something to be delivered.

Even if packages are received on time, if they are large, it is recommended that you have them sent to a different address.

This service allows customers to have items delivered directly to their garage or home. It is especially useful for large items like furniture.

4. Third-Party Seller Timelines

This is important because the order is only fulfilled by the seller. If a brand is out of stock or a seller cannot fulfill the order, the package will not be delivered by Amazon.

If you are a thor party seller, you may have a significant delay in the time between when you place an order and when it is shipped.

If customers are concerned about the seller, they can go to their Seller Central account and choose “View Orders” from the top menu. Once a product has shipped, they might find it helpful to know the final destination.

5. Parcel Shipping Strikes

Customers who order from Amazon without an Amazon Prime account are likely being shipped by various package shipping providers.

To avoid any delays in receiving packages, the post office will provide a delivery window that will end either on the last day of the month or the day after the last day of the month, depending on the size of the shipment.

This means that customers are recommended to check their order history of their package shipments in order to estimate the remaining time before their package is shipped to them.

6. High Volume Orders

Amazon’s peak seasons are during the winter months. During these seasons, they have to fulfill a large volume of their orders that are placed in order to deliver all of the items ordered. This causes a lot of their shipping delays.

In this case, Amazon sees the opportunity to make a profit, especially during a time that will bring more business to the website.

If a company like Amazon is facing issues with a large number of orders coming in, they will usually try to contact their customers and let them know of their order delays.

7. Priority Changes

If Amazon has to decide whether or not to fulfill a customer’s order, for example, if their order falls under the essential needs category, the company will prioritize the order.

If a customer has an order placed for an item not necessary to their health or well-being, it may face a delay in being delivered.

How Can I Track my Amazon Delivery?

Customers are required to log into their Amazon account and then use the location feature in the “Shopping” section on the home page.

**Note: It is important to use your official log-in credentials and the correct password. Amazon will recognize your current login and password as “log in” and “password” respectively.

Can I Get a Refund for a Delayed Amazon Delivery?

If a customer’s order is late or fails to arrive, the customer should request a refund.

If you are interested in learning about Amazon’s delivery services, you can also check out our post on the Amazon late delivery refund, how late does Amazon delivers, and where Amazon ships from.


Amazon faces a high volume of orders for a number of reasons, among them a lack of workers or slow delivery. You can learn the location and status of your package by using the tracking feature.

Customers can report problems with their orders through the “Order” page on the website, after they try to submit the order or after it has been shipped.

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