Amazon Report Copyright Infringement (what Is It, Reporting, Removing Infringement + More)

Amazon is an online marketplace that allows sellers to shop for, sell, and ship all sorts of products. Sellers place their products on-line and Amazon picks up the shipping and returns the items they’re not interested in. Sellers can also pay Amazon for the products they sell. Amazon also offers customers the ability to buy items online, which they can then pick up in a store.

What is a copyright report? It’s a piece of software that checks websites to determine whether they’re violating someone else’s copyrights. The report also checks for trademark infringement, so if a customer sends in a report about a website that violates someone’s trademark, the report will also tell you if your business is violating federal trademark law. The report checks out web pages over an extended period of time, and will find out if the site is still infringing, as well as if the website is violating your trademark.

What Is Amazon’s Copyright Infringement?

Sellers and buyers who find and report infringing listings receive a message with details about the report, including the item’s title, and an option to select a report category. If the item is marked as eligible for removal, the report will be sent to an Amazon team member who will work with the seller to remove the listing. If the seller does not provide a response to the report within seven days, Amazon will remove the listing.

Amazon has an entire site dedicated to copyright infringement. You can learn more on their FAQ page, and you can even click here to find some helpful tutorials if you’d like to learn more.
So when it comes to copyright infringement, whether it needs to be reported or removed, you’ll want to make sure you follow the right process. Follow this guide to make the removal process as easy as possible, and you’ll be able to remove a copyright strike in no time!

How Do I Report Copyright Infringement on Amazon?

To report copyright infringement on Amazon, sellers must find the Report Infringement form within Seller Central. Once found they must fill out all required information and upload the copyrighted material and its infringing use.

Amazon will take a few days to verify whether the report is legit or not, and once the report is authenticated, the infringing merchandise will be removed from the store to allow sellers to conduct their business.

The only time this happens is if the item is no longer available on the Amazon marketplace. A seller might have listed the item at a higher price, and then for whatever reason, lowered the price. If the item is still listed at the lower price, but is no longer available, then a seller’s report will be created for the lower price. After the item is no longer available, it will then be taken off Amazon’s sale listings.

When you find an item that is still present on the infringers page, it’s recommended you re-send out an infringement report.

How Do I Protect my Copyright on Amazon?

Keep all the content that you sell on Amazon in the English language. (You can buy any Amazon tools and products in any foreign language, but only sell your products in English).
Do not sell products that contain copyrighted material. If you are selling a product that contains a song or a photo, check whether the seller is the copyright holder of the content before you sell that product.

The most important thing for your store is your identity.

When you open a store on Amazon you have to identify which copyrights in your brand are crucial to the business.

Since they are trying to target a particular audience which wants some thing in common, they could also use brand images, color schemes or any other design elements that helps them focus on that.

If you want to register copyright in your work, that’s up to you.

As sellers create more and more branded creative items, it’s important they register the copyright to ensure they retain full selling rights on their products.

In order to register the copyright, you must file an application with the Copyright Office in order to have your effective date established.

Sellers have to provide an application with the copyright office, either electronically or through the mail.

If you’re a seller, your best bet is to wait and see if an Amazon copyright infringement claim happens on your product listing. If it does, you should take the appropriate precautions and remove the listing.
If you’re a buyer, you should contact Amazon to explain that you only want to purchase the items if a removal of listing request happens.

Once you have received approval from the seller, you can be protected by copyright.

What Can I Report as Copyright Infringement on Amazon?

What Should I Include in my Copyright Claim?

A certificate from an attorney with an affidavit of good faith stating that there are grounds to prosecute the claim.

This copyright was sent by an independent third party and was not made by you or any other IAmazonUser. Please do not delete my original copyright notice.

Amazon will send the seller a claim form which must be filled out to authenticate.

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The Amazon Copyright Removal form is the process of reporting a seller to Amazon that is infringing on your copyright.

After that, the seller will need to contact Amazon’s team in order to have the listing removed.

You can report the ASIN level, seller level, picture or text without their permission and Amazon will remove the listing once the report has been authenticated.

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