What Is Amazon Brand Registry? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon is no longer just an eCommerce platform to buy a variety of products from the convenience of your house. Now, Amazon is also offering services for small business owners to help sell their products on Amazon’s giant platform.

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Amazon Brand Registry is a tool in the Amazon brand management toolkit that helps businesses manage their brand’s visibility and reputation on Amazon.
Amazon already offers tools like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and the new Seller Central to help you manage your product listings, orders, price and inventory. Amazon Brand Registry is Amazon’s solution for brand management.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry In 2022?

Amazon Brand Registry, launched in 2022, is a new product that helps Amazon brands to keep up with the world of brand building. It consists of three different products with the mission of allowing Amazon to protect brands from infringement, increase brand recognition, and enable products that make their customers’ lives easier.

So Amazon launched a program called Amazon Brand Registry, which is the online method of keeping an eye on your Amazon Business and Amazon Brand.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

A brand registry is an online tool that helps businesses create a better shopping experience by giving them access to tools that help them build and protect their brand.

To better monetize its products on Amazon, the company has launched a pilot program that lets Amazon sellers manage their own data in a marketplace dashboard.

When Did Amazon Launch Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry was introduced last year in May and helps identify products that violate its policies for using its trademarks.

What Information Do You Need To Enroll In Amazon Brand Registry?

The company must be approved before it can start using Amazon Brand Registry.

A company must have the ability to register its trademarks and protect against counterfeiting.
The trademark and its protected goods or service or items must be unique and distinctive.
The trademark and the good, service, or item it represents must be in public use.
The trademark and the good, service, or item it represents must be eligible for coverage in the Amazon Brand Registry.
The mark, its good, service, or item must be in the “ordinary course of trade” with the company.

Additionally, Amazon Brand Registry accepts brands with a pending trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or an application pending in another trademark office.

All applications and renewals will be accepted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and International Bureau of Intellectual Property Rights (IBR) in France.

Can You Check On The Status Of Your Amazon Brand Registry Application?

Yes, When you apply for the Amazon Brand Registry, you can check the status at any time.

You’ll be able to log in to your Amazon Brand Registry account and check on the status of your submitted application.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon Brand Registry?

You can register a business with your brand and get a certificate that proves who you are.

A lot of people may be interested in a product on Amazon, and having a direct url on the page gives them a better chance of getting noticed.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are many other reasons why businesses should use Amazon Brand Registry. Amazon Brand Registry is an efficient tool to protect and improve your business’s online reputation.

– It’s important to represent the brand accurately.
– Customers don’t want to see a logo in which the brand name is not represented.

With Amazon Brand Registry, you can
designate your products and services
with up to 20 product and five brand
attributes to help your customers find
your products better. You can also
customize your product and brand
pages with your own logos and
descriptions, and control the way
products with your brand are

An interesting study conducted by Adler Media Group shows that in the UK, over 50% of customers prefer to buy a brand without seeing it in the store.

Google Analytics has become the most popular and powerful search and report tool.

If a trademark has more than two domains and all related extensions, search domains, or related domain names will be matched to the registered trademark.

The Amazon Brand Registry provides a powerful and flexible tool that allows e-commerce businesses and brands to track and manage infringements of intellectual property rights.

It seems reasonable to consider some form of proactive brand protection for [Original], because the only way to be sure a user will not use it in a manner you don’t want is to ensure that no one will ever actually use it in that way.

Of course, such a thing will need to be done in a way that doesn’t prevent legitimate users from using it.

Amazon Brand Registry will also use the information you provide to implement additional predictive protections.

Basically, the more information about your brand you provide Amazon, the easier it is for Amazon to identify a trademark that may be infringing your brand.

There are many other benefits of having different company brands. For example, having a different brand helps you to have a different reputation.

Amazon Brand Registry is a new business tool which helps Amazon sellers to protect their brands and make business growth easier.

Brand managers can use enhanced content to gain access to detailed information about brands and how marketing is working. Using this data, managers can spot trends, make informed decisions, and optimize marketing performance.

How Much Does Amazon Brand Registry Cost?

According to Amazon, the Amazon Brand Registry service costs $39.99 a month along with any selling fees that result from customer sales. This service will tell you the exact amount of your Amazon sales.

It is also really important to note that you should only register your own trademark if you have a legal right to use the mark. It is also really important to note that you should only register your own trademark if you have a legal right to use the mark.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Amazon Brand Registry?

The main disadvantage of Amazon Brand Registry is that it does not work with all third party retailers. This means that merchants that are more interested in selling items on Amazon than having an Amazon listing are not eligible to get a free Amazon Brand Registry listing.

Who Is Amazon Brand Registry For?

Amazon’s Brand Registry service is for businesses of all sizes looking for help growing, building, and protecting their businesses.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Amazon?

Buying on Amazon is relatively straight forward. Simply visit the Seller Central, and you can add products, set up a payment method, and even set up your listing pricing.

A listing fee, an Amazon Payments commission and a fulfillment charge.

To know more about this topic, you can also read our blog post on how to make money through Amazon FBA, and Amazon seller not willing to give a refund.


Amazon Brand Registry is designed for businesses and brands that want to grow their brand.

Brand Registry is a system that allows companies to create a better shopping experience for customers, protect themselves from infringement and expand their brand recognition.

Also, Amazon Brand Registry is very beneficial for brands of all sizes and types who want to grow and build their business.

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