Does Home Depot Own Ryobi? (Not What You Think) 

Home Depot is a large home improvement retail chain in the U.S. that sells many products for home improvement. It was founded in 1977 and is known for its large variety of products and tools available in its stores.

Home Depot is a popular retailer of Ryobi tools and equipment, but is Ryobi’s products and services actually being sold at Home Depot? Here is what I found out in my research!

Does Home Depot Own Ryobi In 2022? 

Home Depot does not own the brand Ryobi as of 2022. However, Home Depot is working to get exclusivity over the Ryobi brand because it is a staple tool in most DIY tasks. Home Depot is working to market Ryobi brand of products in stores.

If you’re looking for a good deal, or for home improvement tools, check out the home improvement section at your local Home Depot. You might be able to get them for less than what you’d expect to pay at a big box store like Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Sell Ryobi?

Home Depot does not sell all of Ryobi products. Home Depot only sells Ryobi products that are available for customers from the Home Depot store or its website.

Home Depot has a range of deals and offers for Ryobi customers, and you can browse their website to see if there are any deals and offers you may like.

Who Makes Ryobi Tools for Home Depot? 

It is a company which is based in California, US, and has about $2.5 billion in net income.

Home Depot is the only Hardware retailer that has access to Ryobi tools. Other stores such as Lowe’s do not stock them. The only way to purchase Ryobi tools other than Home Depot is online.

*Note: Both and are owned and operated by the same company and have the same policies and price matching terms and conditions.

How Do I Buy Ryobi from Home Depot?

In order to get help from the Ryobi tool department, visit your local Home Depot in store and ask for help. Alternatively, you can ask a sales assistant for help.

You can also buy Ryobi products from the Home Depot website. There are also other online DIY retailers that offer Ryobi products, which you can also find on the Ryobi website.

You can check prices online, but if you’re searching through all competitors, Home Depot does not allow competitors to price match their products.

What Tool Brands Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot now sells the range of brands including power tools, hand tools and storage and accessories.

Furthermore, customers can shop for all materials and supplies to use with their power tools, for all DIY projects in homes and businesses at Home Depot.

The Home Depot sells many different tools for home and industrial use. The majority of these tools are designed by popular manufacturers like Bosch, Milwaukee and Klein.

Home Depot offers several different solutions and tools to help you find the right products for your needs. You can also get help and installation with the right products for you if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.

What Tool Brands Does Home Depot Own? 

Home Depot is a nationwide retailer of home improvement goods. There is a wide range of Home Depot branded tools and equipment for home DIY.

The Husky and HDX are popular brands that have many 5-star reviews on the Home Depot website.

Is Ryobi a Good Brand? 

Some of the tools from the Ryobi brand are considered great by customers, and include several 5-star reviews on the Home Depot website.

I know that there are very few professional electricians that use Ryobi tools. They are very good products for home use though. I’m sure you’ve seen them. You’ve seen them in the store.

Some tools are available at Home Depot. These are usually cheaper and easier to find than Ryobi tools.

If you are interested in buying a tool from Home Depot, you can find a wide selection of tools there, such as Craftsman tools, Husqvarna tools, and used tools.


While Home Depot doesn’t own Ryobi, it does have exclusive access to sell Ryobi products. Ryobi products are popular among Home Depot customers and have many excellent reviews.

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