Safeway Instacart (More Expensive, Products, Promo Codes, How It Works + More)

Instacart is a popular online ordering service. It connects to several stores, allowing customers to order from many different stores.

If you’re a Safeway customer, you probably wonder if you can order groceries to your house through Instacart. If so, continue reading this article to see what I found out.

What Is Safeway Instacart In 2022?

Instacart’s technology allows it to connect with a wide variety of retailers. Once a grocery retailer has adopted Instacart, they share an app that allows shoppers to browse their shopping area, receive notifications when Instacart offers their items, and select a delivery time and address.

If you’re interested in learning more about the how Instacart works, what products are available for delivery through Instacart, what your payment options are, and more, keep reading!

How Does Safeway Instacart Work?

Instacart was added to Safeway’s website. Customers can order groceries through the Safeway site or with the Instacart app.

Customers can order groceries through the mobile application and Instacart will connect them with a personal shopper. To simplify the process, Instacart will deliver the groceries through the doorsteps of the client.

The online personal shopper will pick up the list and deliver the items to the customer on the days they choose. A typical customer is a full time mom who wants the groceries delivered and is able to work on the phone with the online personal shopper to set up all the details.

After placing an order through Instacart, you must provide the following information: 1) Your Order ID (found in the “Your order” area), 2) The name of the store you want your order to ship to, and 3) The store zip code.

1. People must create an Instacart account before they can add items to their cart and pay, but they cannot purchase their groceries without an account set up.

After the products have been found, they must be purchased. The customer must be logged in to their account before they can purchase something.

The + and – buttons allow customers to add or remove certain quantities from their shopping cart. In the case of an item the customer has just found, their only option is to add the item to their cart.

When customers go through checkout, the items in their cart are checked and if there’s a discrepancy, the customer will be notified via an email. If the email is not received within 24 hours, the account will be locked and the customer will no longer be able to shop for the month.

Same day delivery (if the order is placed before 4pm)
Delivery next day
Delivery day after
Delivery week after
Delivery week after (if the order is placed before 4pm)

These are the only delivery options available for in-stock products. Customers cannot select a delivery option for an out of stock item.

Customers can add their delivery and payment information once the order details have been confirmed. They can then place their order and await their grocery delivery.

Does Safeway Offer Same-Day Delivery on Instacart?

We’re thrilled to share that we’re now delivering groceries to customers across Canada at Safeway locations. The Safeway online grocery shopping app for Android and iOS is also available, so you can place and manage orders in the app and have them ready to pick up when you are.

To ensure their order is placed on time, customers should turn on notifications on the app and check for texts and phone calls from the driver.

The service is also asking the customers to leave the instructions for the delivery drivers so they would know where to put the groceries.

Which Safeway Products Are Available Through Instacart?

Instacart is the platform that powers the Instacart mobile app. In the Instacart app, customers can browse the inventory from a searchable and filterable list of products.

Safeway currently allows shoppers to use Instacart to shop their store.
Instacart currently allows customers to shop Safeway’s store.
Instacart currently allows customers to shop Safeway’s store.
Instacart currently offers Safeway products.

If you go to the Safeway website you can see if your location is in the above categories.

If drivers do not have a direct access to a Safeway near their location, their orders could be marked as a “No Deliver” order which would not be processed and might not be filled.

Which Promo Codes Can I Use Through Safeway Instacart?

When a customer places an order with instacart, it is delivered from their designated driver. For Safeway customers, instacart has their designated driver.

Customers will first need to click on the drop-down menu for any products they would like to purchase.

Once they’ve scroll down to the Credits and Promos section and select the Add Promo or Gift Card option, you can choose any promo from your library and select a coupon code for the purchase.

Instacart helps businesses and individuals to bring online groceries to you at home, to your office, or to your mobile device.
You can order your groceries online or scan the Instacart app and receive them at your local Safeway store.
If you pay with Instacart, your Safeway store pays a small fee when you shop online.

Can I Use my Just For U Rewards Card With Instacart?

You can use a rewards card in your Instacart app to shop when you shop at stores that support the Instacart platform.

When users select Safeway as the local store, a pop-up box will appear letting users know about the Just For U Rewards program. The pop-up also asks users to enter their Just For U Rewards card number and expiration date in order for an activation code to be mailed to them.

Customers that don’t have a Rewards card or want to add one can visit any Safeway store and scan the QR code on the Safeway store logo which will log them into the system.

The Earn With Just for U Rewards are different for the US and the UK, but they are both listed as being available for US players.

Is Instacart More Expensive Than Safeway Delivery?

Instacart’s current prices are slightly higher than Safeway’s, but both services charge the same price for groceries.

A previous customer reported that their total grocery bill increased when they shopped on Instacart in comparison to Safeway delivery.

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Additionally, there is usually no delivery fee for Safeway Instacart, whereas Safeway Delivery is $9.95.

In general, Instacart is less expensive than regular Safeway Delivery. However, the charges and requirements that Instacart imposes in order to function as a viable alternative are less than those imposed by regular Safeway’s delivery services.

How Much Does Safeway Instacart Delivery Cost?

Safeway stores in the East Bay and San Francisco also allow customers to order groceries pickup via a mobile app, which delivers it to your car. The app-based service costs $3.99 per order and is a little pricey as compared to Instacart, but if you want to save a little money, you can always use pick-up.

You will get charged even more if you order more than $35, as well as if you want multiple items to be delivered to an area near San Francisco.

It’s possible to order a drink along with your groceries by using the “My Favorites” section on the home page.

If the customer would like to have free delivery, they can sign up for Instacart Express. This premium account allows customers both free delivery and lower service fees when shopping.

Customer must pay for their order and tip their delivery driver, which is added to their order total. It is up to the customer to decide whether or not to tip their delivery driver.

What is the Difference Between Instacart and Safeway Delivery?

Safeway Instacart and Safeway Delivery are offered by Safeway and other Albertsons stores. However, there are some slight differences such as service area and delivery rates.

Safeway delivery is a little more advanced than Instacart. When a customer places an order and schedules a time for delivery, the Safeway driver generally arrives at the requested time.

The bagged groceries are sorted properly (example: cold items are still frozen) and kept properly (example: food isn’t left in a bag while it is hot).

The app has some minor issues with fulfilling your order, and it has more serious privacy issues. The people operating it are probably bots, and they take your personal data without asking you for it.

Sometimes customers do not make sure the delivery driver has proper instructions, and this can lead to a lot of problems.

It’s recommended for your users to give detailed instructions to ensure they receive the products they have requested.

However, Safeway does not currently offer Safeway Delivery directly in Canada. However, Safeway Instacart is available in most major Canadian cities.

If you want to make sure Safeway delivery is working correctly, you may want to know if a Safeway delivery person accepts WIC, and if Safeway takes money orders.


Safeway wants to start an online shopping service where customers can order groceries and other items at Safeway stores in addition to other places on the web.

Orders can be placed as early as one hour from ordering, and delivery fees are reasonably priced, starting at $3.99 for orders $35 and up.

We’ll send you an email if you request to have your subscription to the Magazines you receive sent to the new email address you provided when you ordered in the future. You can cancel at any time. For more information on how Subscriber Services may collect and use your personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Safeway instacart is cheaper but has a lower minimum purchase which means that there’s a slight chance that you may buy the wrong item. Safeway delivery is less expensive but you have to spend a certain amount.

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