Do You Tip Safeway Delivery? (all You Need To Know)

When it comes to tipping the driver of the vehicle delivering groceries, it is probably best to wait for the driver to confirm their identity and/or their job as a delivery driver before tipping them.

If you use Safeway’s grocery delivery service, perhaps you’re wondering if Safeway delivery drivers and staff might expect tips? If so, continue reading this article to see what I found out!

Do You Tip Safeway Delivery In 2022?

The San Francisco-based grocery delivery company Instacart said that they will not take tips in 2022. According to the Instacart customer reviews and tips, tip is included with the order in the app on instacart. It is applied automatically and cannot be turned off.

If you need a more detailed look at Safeway’s tipping policy for Instacart, continue reading through this article for more useful information.

Why Don’t Safeway Delivery Drivers Accept Tips?

The explanation of Safeway is that their employees are not allowed to accept tips from customers. All other companies in the Albertsons’s corporate family have the same policy.

In other words, tipping goes against Wal-Mart’s parent company policy and is, therefore, an inflexible rule to abide by.

Safeway’s website also states that for many years they have never received tips. They would also like to remind the public that they do not accept tips.

Customers should not ask delivery drivers about their salaries or tips, as the company doesn’t pay them to work.

Does Safeway Accept Tips Through Instacart?

Because customer’s are able to pay directly within the app, and the delivery app shows what is going to be delivered but the order is not sent to the delivery person.

When a customer places an order through Instacart, the customer is prompted to pay a little extra for tips.

In order for the driver to receive the tip, the customer must have registered for a new account with the company.

In the past, customers were urged not to insist upon tipping regular Safeway Delivery drivers.

Which Grocery Delivery Services Accept Tips?

Delivery from Whole Foods/Amazon by Amazon for those who may not have access to Whole Foods.

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Uber Eats is a restaurant delivery app which uses a private taxi network.

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I’ve been to the Safeway in the North Scottsdale Mall to ask a Safeway representative about this issue. They said the policy is not about employees or customers being allowed to receive tips, but rather that Safeway stores are not allowed to accept tips.

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