Publix Tipping Policy (can You Tip, Baggers, Curbside + More)

Publix lets employees choose an incentive as long as it is under $60. However, some employees pick “none” because they feel they do not deserve any sort of compensation.

So, first, there is no tipping policy at Publix stores. There are stores that do not have a tipping policy. And, some stores have a policy. So, it’s important to know that the policy is optional at stores that do not require service.

Publix Tipping Policy In 2022

If you try to tip a bagger more than three times, they’re not allowed to accept that tip. If someone tries to tip them three times and is upset at the refusal, the bagger can accept the tip. You can also tip curbside pickup workers because they’re not Publix employees.

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Can You Tip Publix Baggers?

The Publix grocery chain has a policy that the baggers are not supposed to take or ask for tips as an employer. Asking for tips is unlawful.

The same thing happens at my supermarket. While an exception is not made for me, it is acceptable for the bagger.

Can You Tip For Publix Carry Out?

Do not offer a tip for the services provided at Publix, such as carrying items from the shelf to your car or placing groceries in the trunk.

I would suggest that the grocery store not accept tips, and I would not be accepting the money.

Are Any Publix Employees Allowed To Take Tips?

There are no limits to the amount of tips a Publix worker can accept, but he must decline all tips for an individual transaction.

There are also exceptions to accepting tips, such as when people aren’t responding to other people’s no and refusing the service is causing more of a problem.

The police officer told me that he was a little bit confused about the laws and that the police officers didn’t have to follow these rules.

The baristas at Publix are required to be able to read and understand the ingredients on the labels. If they don’t understand the ingredient, they will be unable to make the right change to the customers’ drink, or if they do make the right change, they will be unable to accurately measure it.

How Much Do You Tip For Publix Curbside Pickup?

With Publix curbside pickup, you can tip anywhere from 15% to 20% of the order, just like you would for any other service where you would tip the worker.

Also, Publix’s contract with Instacart allows Instacart to pay workers $10 a delivery or $20 an hour, whichever is greater, as long as those workers are able to pay their bills. Some curbside shoppers are earning as little as $5 to $10 an hour.

It is strongly encouraged that you tip your curbside pickup workers and is a nice gesture, however it is not a requirement to pick up your order.

Can You Tip For Publix Delivery?

Yes you are allowed to tip a shopper and to tip your delivery person. And now you are allowed to tip your family as well.

Moreover, Instacart shoppers receive 100% of all tips earned through shopping. But, Instacart doesn’t require you to tip your grocery shopper.

It’s a nice act of kindness to at least tip $2 (since the person is shopping for you and then delivering your order) since the person is shopping for you and then delivering your order.

You have the option to tip and even cancel the delivery after it was made, which allows you to add more money to the tip if you are satisfied with the service.

It was also necessary to add a third paragraph to the original description of the second action because it is a common mistake.

To leave a tip for your Instacart shopper, click on “Your Orders” and then “Rate & Tip” after the delivery.

After doing this, you can keep the tip as it is, or change it into a positive or negative direction.

How Can You Indirectly Tip Publix Workers?

To tip an employee at a Publix you have to go to the customer service desk and mention that a specific worker did an awesome job.

In addition, you can also tell the manager what that employee did poorly, so that he or she can take action to correct that performance soon.

If you are interested in working at Publix, I would recommend you apply here. Also, I would recommend that you not apply, if you’re going to be offended by anyone telling you to apply.


While workers are allowed to accept tips, it is still an unfair competition between workers who are doing the same job.

After refusing to take the tip, if the customer insists on giving a tip multiple times, the employee does not have to accept it, however, the employee is never forced to take the tip.

Also, tipping curbside workers isn’t an option because they are curbside workers and not Publix employees.

However, if you order delivery from the Publix grocery in-store, those shoppers deliver for free and their wages are not tied to the tip.
Therefore, you can tip those shoppers with your own free Publix cash (or your own debit or credit card) and they don’t get the incentive to get you a great review.

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