Subway Tip Policy (all You Need To Know)

Subway Restaurants are unique in that they allow you to customise your meal by choosing the ingredients that you like, which can range from different meats, to different dressings, and even fresh baked goods.

 If you enjoy eating Subway sandwiches, the tip policy is simple. Subway doesn’t charge customers for the pre-packed foods they sell, so the sandwich artist should be tipped as a waiter or bartender. The amount of a tip is up to you, but I’ve found that most customers who are in a hurry to finish their food tend to tip very little.

Subway Tip Policy In 2022

I recommend tipping to employees that your server is friendly and not making a mess in the kitchen. If you wish to tip employees because they did a good job, you can choose to tip the server based on the value of the meal, or choose to tip the kitchen instead of the server based on the total tab.

You might get an argument if you get a tip on your Subway receipt. The receipt says you don’t get a tip, but you received one.
Your tip is your own money and Subway can’t take it away from you. If you don’t want to tip, then you shouldn’t eat at Subway.

Do Employees Get Tips at Subway?

The franchise owners choose to keep the tip jar as a gesture of appreciation or to remind us to be thankful for our service.

Some managers have asked employees to keep track of the tips that they receive. In some restaurants, there are tip jars at several stations so that all employees will receive a percentage of the tip if they do not work the shift.

Are Subway Managers Allowed to Take Tips?

It is often best to have an employee get the tip and place it on the counter. If the employee feels uncomfortable with the situation a store cashier, or another employee should be used to do the placing of the tip on the counter.

This means that if you work 5pm-9pm, you’re going to be getting $10 an hour, and the manager is going to tip you $2 an hour or $20. In most cases, your tips are split equally between the two people.

In other words, in any given state in the US, you only have a right to expect a certain “standard of service”. There is no such thing as “subway etiquette”. And there is no national law that makes a Subway franchise owner liable for anything.

Do You Tip Subway Curbside?

Many Subways have a designated tipping spot for their workers. It’s your choice whether you tip the worker or not. However, to avoid confusion and to save money, you are recommended to look for the designated tip area for your restaurant or Sub before offering a tip.

In order to tip for Subway curbside, an amount is recommended that is around 10% of the total amount.

Should I Tip at Subway?

Tipping is most commonly recommended in restaurants. If you regularly visit an establishment, tip on your visit, you can always recommend additional service to the restaurant.

Unlike many fast food chains, where customers are expected to tip, Subway does not require tipping to be on their menu, and instead has a “No Tipping” policy. Many customers find this to be a disservice as they do not want to tip people that are not contributing to the tip pool.

There are several reasons why you may receive a bill that includes a service charge, and it is recommended that you make sure you are aware of these reasons before you leave the restaurant, as you may not recognize that it was a service charge before you leave.

If you are a regular customer of Subway, it would be nice of you to tip your employees.


This is actually a very specific case of the kind of difference/inconsistency that makes it hard to decide between the two.

Can Subway Employees Accept Tips?

In some states, the menu item is free and you don’t have to tip, while in others, you may be charged for the purchase.

In many places, however, the tip jar is placed directly in front of the employee, so don’t count your change in the jar; instead, tip the employee directly.

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I know you want to know. You would think this is an easy question for anyone to answer, but the answer is yes. Just not easy to find out from the menu, but you can see it on the website.


There is no set policy for tipping within Subway restaurants. This is because each franchise owner may have a different policy regarding the amounts of tips they are willing to accept.

For Subway, it’s not necessary but a great way to show appreciation for the staff and their services if it is a location you frequent regularly.

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