Does Subway Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

Subway is a great company to work for. They’re known for delivering fresh items such as sandwiches and salads and they have stores all over the United States.

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If you have recently applied to Subway for a job, you may be wondering about drug testing. If you have recently applied to Subway for a job, you may be wondering about drug testing. I’ve looked into it, and after doing some research, here’s what I’ve learned about the matter!

Does Subway Drug Test In 2022?

So, do I need to be tested if I have lunch at Subway?

Not necessarily. A simple answer is that you should be safe. However, the Subway culture is a bit different than other fast food franchises. And, while your health is paramount, it’s not as obvious what constitutes a “clean” Subway as it is with restaurants that serve food.

For a drug test, Subway drug tests for any drugs including alcohol and drugs, the test will be random and will come at any time during the day or night.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Subway Use?

Drug tests are often done by testing the hair or saliva and sometimes by using blood.

Some online jobs ask you for a pre-employment test to ensure that you’re not cheating.

It is highly unlikely that Subway will have a problem with their own drug testing as the restaurant has a proven track record when it comes to drug testing.

All of Subway’s stores will require you to undergo a drug test during your application process. You should be made aware of this requirement before you apply to work for Subway.

What Drugs Are Subway Testing For?

Subsequently, employees can only be paid overtime for a certain number of hours.

While a Subway may legally place restrictions on its franchisees, the franchisee is not allowed to discriminate against customers that have consumed the product.

As stated by the law firm, “If you are taking prescribed medications or have recently been taking prescribed medications you must tell the testing company and Subway and if it is a drug that is prohibited on the test. They must not interfere with your drug test results.”

The test is required for all employees, contractors, visitors, and anyone else to submit to a random drug test. The random tests are a part of the Company’s safety policies. The test is used to ensure the Company’s compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

Does Subway Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

If this is the case, then you should likely be given a prescription for an antibiotic to cure the sinus infection that is causing all of this.

If you do not have a criminal record, you may apply for employment at Subway.

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Your first interview takes place on Wednesday, October 19th. During this 90 minute interview, you will be asked about your previous experience, your hobbies, and your goals in life. If you’re a successful candidate at Subway, you’ll be invited to join our team as a full time employee immediately after your final interview. If you successfully pass all three parts of your initial interview, you’ll then be given a drug test, at which point you may be offered a full time position with Subway. If you are drug tested and all the results are negative, you’ll be considered for full time employment.

Does Subway Do Random Drug Tests?

It is also true that drug testing is considered a common-sense way to ensure workplace safety, as in some cases they may find the presence of drugs in your system is a safety issue.

With that, the CEO of Subway is a big man with a long reach.

Also, Subway may require its employees to be drug tested if a manager has reasonable suspicion that an employee is using or has used drugs or drug-related paraphernalia.

In the case that an employee is injured at work, the employer may send a drug test to determine if the employee is under the influence, or has any substances in his or her system.

How Often Does Subway Drug Test?

Subway is a company that employs random drug tests on its employees, whether part of protocol following an incident or randomly following suspected use.

Subway conducts drug tests on its employees each time they are hired, but the chain doesn’t require employees to undergo these testing procedures every time they are hired.

What Happens If A Subway Drug Test Comes Back Inconclusive?

If your Subway drug test results come back inconclusive, you will probably need to take another one.

When the drug test is inconclusive, the employee will have to take a second test. If it is also inconclusive, then he will have to take a third. If all three tests are inconclusive, he will have to repeat the entire process.

If your second drug test fails to test positive, you may be considered a suspect of tampering and a further drug test may be required.

What Happens If A Subway Drug Test Comes Back Positive?

If you take a Subway drug test and it comes back positive, you might face heavy penalties.

If you are in a similar situation, a positive test result would be a red flag that raises concerns about your drug use. It is an indication of your willingness to deceive your employer.

You have to be honest with your employees on drug testing. If your random drug tests come up positive, your employees will have to go to court.

A current Subway employee who tests positive for a drug will be terminated from their Subway job.

Does Subway Have A Zero-Tolerance Policy?

Many Subway franchises have a zero tolerance policy to keep its staff and customers safe.

Because of the nature of their job, Subway prohibits its employees from drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana.

An employee is subject to discharge in any of the following circumstances: (1) drug, drug paraphernalia or alcohol related offenses; (2) other miscellaneous criminal conduct or offenses involving moral turpitude.

Violations of Subway’s zero tolerance policy will lead to disciplinary action or even termination.

Subway Restaurants may have local law enforcement involved in certain locations and employees may be required to go through a drug rehabilitation program.

If you are a Subway employee- you can also look for Subway employee benefits, if you want a resume for Subway, and Subway employee sick policy.


Employees of some Subway franchises must undergo drug tests.

A person may be required to take a drug test if they’re suspected of using illegal drugs or if they’ve been involved in an incident on the job.

And some of Subway’s stores have a zero tolerance policy that prohibits the use, possession, or distribution of alcohol and drugs on the Subway premises.

And if you fail a drug test, you will probably be terminated from Subway.

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