Is Tractor Supply In Canada? (all You Need To Know)

Tractor Supply was started by one of the first large-scale mail-order companies. They got their start in rural areas and continued to focus on providing a rural lifestyle. So you would expect to find Tractor Supply stores there.

Tractor Supply is a private company, headquartered in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The company was created in 1969 by three Arkansas farmers, as a mail order catalog business, and the company’s name was derived from the tractor and farm supply business they began, and from their home state.

Is Tractor Supply In Canada In 2022?

The original Peavey Tractor Supply Company started in Canada in the early 1900s, and today Tractor Supply Co. is still a vital part of the Canadian retail and music industry.

Does Tractor Supply Have Stores In Canada?

Tractor Supply opened its first Canadian store at the beginning of the 20th century. These stores closed down, and the company started selling products online.

The same year, all Tractor Supply operations in Canada were acquired by Peavey, and rebranded as Peavey Mart. However, Tractor Supply stores do have a history in Canada.

Tractor Supply stores were not just in Canada and the United States. They also opened in places like Australia and New Zealand.

When the company was bought in 1987, these were sold to a Toronto-based investment company, Birch Hill Equity Partners Management Inc.

Many Canadian Tractor Supply stores have been bought by and rebranded into the American company, Peavey Industries.

Peavey Industries renamed Tractor Supply stores to Peavey Mart to distinguish them from their U.S. branches, which are Tractor Supply.

The Peavey Mart is owned and operated by the Canadian company Peavey Electronics, which has more than 100 locations in Canada.

What Do Peavey Mart Stores Sell?

Peavey Mart deals mainly in quality musical equipment and supplies for a rural life and people who live in rural areas.

Audio: The product categories for audio include microphones, speakers, guitar and bass amplifiers, guitar or bass combos and PA systems. In addition to those you’ll find a wide selection of guitar amplifiers, guitar cabinets, guitar effects and accessories.

How Do I Find A Peavey Mart Store In Canada?

If you want to find a Peavey Mart store in a specific region, simply use the store locator tool and type in the location you need to find.

Where Is Peavey Mart’s Headquarters In Canada?

Peavy Mart, Canada’s leading supplier of musical instruments and pro audio equipment, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Peavey Electronics Corporation with more than 130 locations, including 89 stores in Canada, five in the United States, and a distribution center in San Francisco, California.

Peavey is our home office.

A company called Peavey Industries is a very big company.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver To Canada?

If we need to add your location, we will contact you via email.

Instead of looking for products on, they can go to the Peavey Mart website and find all their tractors, planters, and other items at better prices.

What Are Some Other Stores Like Tractor Supply In Canada?

Canada is a major agricultural producer.
It has several major farm supply stores.

Canada is an agricultural producer.
It has several major farm supply stores.

In the end, I decided to look for a Canadian online supplier for farm supplies that I couldn’t find in my area.

B&G; Farm & Fleet; Martel Farm;
Holt Brothers; Mac’s Farm & Equipment; Ontario Farm and Fleet; NAP; P&M; and Quebec Farm and Fleet.

Peavey Mart will not stop at just the wide range of products. They may not even have the widest products possible.

If you want to find out whether or not they give military discounts, read our post on Tractor Supply military discounts.


Tractor Supply Company sold its Canadian division to Peavey Industries, which now operates as a Canadian company under the name Peavey Mart.

I believe that Peavey is a company that sells music and it is possible that they have some control over the merchandise that Tractor Supply sells – if they have the same products or similar products – but I think Tractor Supply has much more control over what it sells. You might be able to search for the items that you want at the Peavey website.

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