Does Tractor Supply Sell Hay? (price, Types + More)

Hay is one of those staples of country living that is always in high demand. It’s used as feed for horses, cows, and other animals and also for mulching, as seating, barriers and to soak up water if you’ll have muddy paths and barnyards.

Tractor Supply is a store where you’ll find tractors, farm equipment, and other related products. The company sells hay in all 50 states and there are different varieties of hay available.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Hay In 2022?

Hay, grass, and alfalfa are the most common types of hay for horses, so Tractor Supply sells these in many forms, including grass bales, hydration hay blocks, chopped hay feed, forage pellets, chopped forage, and alfalfa pellets as of 2022. Prices range from Standard 2-string Grass bale to $18.99 for a 50 lb bag of alfalfa pellets. Except for the grass bales, you can also buy hay online at Tractor Supply.

If you want to buy hay for horses at Tractor Supply, you will need to know the type and amount of hay you want to buy.

You can buy feed by the bag or in bulk.

Can I Get Hay At Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply provides various kinds of hay and feed, including hay bales and packaged hay and feed.

So whether you need to buy a baler, a harrow, or even a hay rake, you’ll likely find everything you need at Tractor Supply.

But I’m sure that they will have hay bales available next time you shop at Tractor Supply Co.

It’s really a good idea to call ahead and check if your store has any available, before you head over.

What Types Of Hay Does Tractor Supply Sell?

Tractor Supply has several different types of hay to choose from but only some stores sell them. Hay forage and pellets are also available online.

Hay is one of the most important things that farmers need in their farms.

How Much Does Hay Cost At Tractor Supply?

You can usually buy hay locally rather than at big national stores. This is because big stores will have large inventories and sometimes overorder and sell it too cheaply.

Hay that is cut in various sections before it is sold.

Feed and supplies can be more expensive near large cities due to competition with larger facilities.

Does Tractor Supply Have Alfalfa Hay?

Now what is alfalfa a part of?
Well, in many locales you can buy hay from feed stores for your cows.

Where Can I Buy Hay Near Me?

If you have grass and or straw bales, you may be worried about the stock you have. If this is the case, you have a few other options available to you, some of which work better than others.
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In closing, there are a number of questions that a Tractor Supply associate or staff member would need to know the answer to in order to properly advise you.

A: There are many local feed stores and hay places; in bigger cities you can find some of those stores at truck stops.
B: If you have a horse and want to buy hay/feed for your horse, you can find a good selection at places like big-box stores like Wal-Mart.
C: You can also often find hay/feed at feed stores/rural stores like the one I linked to above.

This means that if farmers and rural residents decide not to buy hay, it can lead to a supply shortage, which in turn leads to higher prices.

You can tap into the local network by checking postings, social media, and Craigslist.

To know more, you can also read our posts about Tractor Supply and how they could sell chicken, ducks, or a rabbit.


You can buy hay in the store and also online. The most popular baled hay, called Shuteye, is just sold at Tractor Supply. Other kinds of baled hay are sold as well, but for different purposes.


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