Does Tractor Supply Deliver? (safes, Dog Food, Propane, Hay + More)

Online shopping has become a viable option for the majority of people and it has become a necessity to include home-delivery services into the mix.

If you haven’t been able to get to the store to pick up your favorite dry dog food or your favorite bale of hay, you might be wondering if Tractor Supply will deliver to you. I looked into it and I found all the details you need to know.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver In 2022?

Tractor Supply offers same-day delivery service from its stores to surrounding areas as of 2022. It will offer same-day delivery service from its stores to surrounding areas as of March 9, 2020, for orders placed before 2 pm, and the delivery location must be within 25 miles of the store. Orders placed after 2 pm or with delivery locations more than 25 miles away will be delivered the next day.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on your very own Tractor Supply truck and using it to deliver to your very own customers, carry on reading. You’ll find all you need to know about the Tractor Supply delivery service here!

Can You Get Home Delivery From Tractor Supply?

Now they can shop online at Tractor Supply and have their items shipped to their homes via services like Wal-Mart and Amazon.

So as you can see, Tractor Supply is an online-only store. It only has one location in the United States and no physical stores. It is also a warehouse discount store that carries a lot of farm and outdoor products.

In partnership with Roadie, this service is offered in the entire country.

As a bonus, customers can get free delivery. As long as the order meets the eligibility condition.

How Do I Get Same-Day Delivery From Tractor Supply?

If you want to know if an item is eligible for curbside pickup, you can check the product page on the Tractor Supply website.

Depending on the quantity of the order and the size, the delivery option and the delivery location will be decided.

The day we ship is not the day of your order. We will ship it on the day with in-stock items. Items that are in stock are shipped the same day when you place an order.

If your order is placed before 2 pm, the delivery location is less than 25 miles from the store, and the store has the item in stock…it will be delivered the same day.

However, if you place the order after 2 pm, or the delivery location is more that 25 miles from the store, delivery will be made the next day.

You can also select the day of delivery: choose the date you like the most.

If you want to change the delivery date of an order, then you can contact customer services online or by phone.

How Much Does Same-Day Delivery Cost At Tractor Supply?

When you place your order for a small box the delivery is free of charge. When you place your order for a large box the delivery is free of charge only if it is within a 100km of our distribution centre in Australia. Deliveries are not free for orders to the rest of Australia.

It’s nice to see that, even though you’re paying for the order now, you’ll still see the cost before committing.

Do I Have To Be Home To Receive A Delivery From Tractor Supply?

You can leave the item unattended in the delivery area, and the delivery person will bring it inside and leave it on the stairs for someone else to find on their next trip home.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver On Sundays?

Tractor Supply is also giving people a chance to shop for quality lawn care and lawn supplies and also provide some services.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Safes?

Tractors Supply sells safes and safes online, but they are not eligible for same-day delivery because they are not available in stores.

Amazon can send the goods to your address or you can pickup the goods at a local store.

Does Tractor Supply Delivery Safes To Stores?

Tractor supply stores safes and guns out in the store, and allows customers to choose either the store pick option or the ship to store option.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 423-5283. You may also write to us at the address below.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Dog Food?

Tractor Supply has the most food for sale online. If you want to buy dog food with online you have to browse their entire selection.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Propane?

Tractor Supply has a propane tank refill station in many of their stores, but customers must bring the old tank to a store to get a new tank filled.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Hay?

Tractor Supply has hay bundles that are sold out of stock and have to be ordered, then made in the store.

You can order hay through the Hay Warehouse. We will even put it in your stock to be shipped.

For the same reasons as above, we also believe a shipping carton containing the hay is also eligible for same-day delivery, Ship to Store, or curbside pickup.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Pellets?

Tractor Supply does offer same-day delivery for wood pellets and other items, however, other options include standard shipping, ship to store, and contactless/curbside pickup.

To know more about what you are looking for, check out our other Tractor Supply posts.

Tractor Supply does not accept any returns for this item.


If you want to order things online, and you’re too busy or don’t want to leave the house, you can use Tractor Supply’s online ordering.

With the exception of a few items, most items will be delivered in the next day.

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