Does Home Depot Cut/trim Doors? (try This Instead)

Home Depot is the go to store for American customers who prefer to customize their homes. It provides a lot of services in the home, such as appliances, furniture, and flooring.

One of the best things people will get from Home Depot is a trim service. I’ve found a few places selling these kind of services, but the prices aren’t very affordable.

Does Home Depot Cut/Trim Doors In 2022?

Home Depot doesn’t cut/trim doors as of 2022. However, customers can have Home Depot install a custom-fit door, or purchase circular saws starting at $99 and door trimmers for under $20 to cut/trim doors. Alternatively, customers can rent circular saws for $43 for 4 hours to trim doors.

If you need to cut a door from inside, just pull the door and the hinges off, and start cutting. If you want to remove the door from the frame, you can use a cutting saw or you can take a drill and cut the wood.

Does Home Depot Sell Tools To Cut Doors?

The most used circular saws at Home Depot are from DeWalt and Milwaukee. They are widely preferred by consumers, because they have the right blade and quality.

A circular saw is a very affordable way to cut through anything.

You can also attach a piece of wood onto a cut that is too narrow to fill in the entire groove with the saw blade. For this purpose, you can attach a piece of wood to the existing piece of wood, just a bit larger than your current cut.

If you want to buy the most basic tooling you can, you can consider the Dewalt cordless circular saw which has a cordless battery and a 3.2v battery charger that you have to plug to your house electricity connection.
It will cost you around $30-$40.

If you cannot find any information about the type of trim on your door, I would find a different door to cut, one that has the trim you want. It is possible to cut the trim with a power tool, but it is not ideal for the reasons above.

Home Depot stocks blades from Avanti Pro, RIDGID, and Diablo; Avanti Pro blades retail for $14-$20, RIDGID blades are $24, and Diablo blades can retail for up to $55.

Does Home Depot Rent Tools To Cut And Trim Doors?

– a corded saw, which lets you cut into the opening, and
– a battery-powered saw, which cuts into the doorway.

You can place an online rental order via the Rent-A-Center website, by selecting your closest rental center, or by visiting in-store or by calling Rent-A-Center Customer Service Representatives.

Upon collection, make sure you bring a valid photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license. We also accept cash and credit/ debit cards for payment.

The cordless cut-off saw has a 5-inch blade, allowing you to cut through 14 inches of materials. But you will need to provide your own blade to use this tool.

Payment is only necessary when the booking is confirmed and the key is issued.

$49.00 for a week of use. In return, users will receive all the use of the material, all the accessories and a one-year warranty.

Don’t worry about getting tools for rent. There are a few tools out there that will do the job.

What Other Stores Will Cut/Trim Doors For You?

Lowe’s can’t install a door if you want the installer to trim the door.

To consider the keyholes of the doors and hinges while ordering the kitchen cabinets.

You can always contact a local contractor for a quote on cutting and trimming any house door.

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Conclusion: Does Home Depot Cut/Trim Doors?

I found this information on HD’s website. If you purchase a door through their installation service, you can request exact measurements.

You can rent a circular saw (or purchase it outright) for anywhere from $43-$744 or $49-$80 for 4-hours to 4-weeks.

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