Does Petco Price Match? (chewy, Amazon, Petsmart + Other Faqs)

Petco has an immense variety of pet supplies which is a major advantage but also a disadvantage because finding the right product can be difficult.

If you’re thinking about using this to your advantage to get items for less, you need to read this article to learn if Petco has a price matching policy!

Does Petco Price Match In 2022?

Petco will match nearly every retailer online in 2022. If you’re shopping online, Petco will only match certain retailers. Petco does not match animals or services, because these differ greatly by cases. Petco will only match items if they are on offer, have been discounted, or marked down in some other way.

 The company also offers a price match guarantee. It allows you to shop around and see if they can match the price at another location.

Does Petco Price Match In-Store?

Petco will match prices in their stores. As long as an item is similar to a competitor’s, Petco will price match.

The Court is satisfied that the Policy provides language in a manner that is clear and unambiguous. This is also substantiated by the fact that not one single customer or competitor has taken issue with the language of the policy.

Since Amazon is the only retailer that owns its platform, Petco is not eligible for the price match.

We’re sorry, but at this time, we can’t find a price match for this item.

They were the same online as in store because they are the same.

In this case, the company will match prices from the Petco website, whatever the price that was originally on the item.

Only the original price of an item will be matched, not a lower price. Coupons that have been applied to the item don’t count towards the price match.

Does Petco Price Match Online? will only match prices from the following online retailers:, and

There’s not enough information here to know if Petco only offers memberships in the United States, or if it offers them in other countries too. If it’s the former, then it’s not possible to get a membership from a retailer outside of the U.S, which would explain the price discrepancy. If it’s the latter, then that might explain the price difference too.

When it comes to shopping online, Petco will match the prices from its stores.

Does Petco Price Match Its Website?

It’s easy enough to find if your dog has had it’s shots. Find a veterinarian or clinic and get the paperwork. That way you know that your dog is up to date on vaccines.

But there has been an uproar on Reddit, Facebook and other social media platforms about Petco matching the digital prices on the website at brick and mortar stores, which is illegal.

Now, some have even tried to get PETA to take action.

Petco has a section on their website where they price match the same products that are available to everyone, including their Repeat Delivery program.

Does Petco Price Match After Purchase?

Petco will price match items after purchase if they go on sale less than 14 days after you buy it the first time. If you buy it a second time, there is no price matching, just standard prices.

Does Petco Price Match PetSmart?

As long as you can show up and get the price by anyone else, then if you want to save more money, you can go to PetSmart and purchase the same item for less than $40 in a “buy 2, get 1 free” promotion or some other promotion.
Petco will price match any PetSmart promotion as long as the promotion is in effect.

I think the price of this item is tied to a subscription or membership of some kind. This means that if it is not a subscription or membership of some kind, it will not be matched.

Petco says that it will match price on items like food, treats, toys and accessories, but not on pet products like food, water bowls, grooming items, litter and supplies. PetSmart says it does not match prices on pet products.

You have to use the search box to sort through dozens of retailers to find the one you’re looking for.

Does Petco Price Match Amazon?

Petco will match the prices on, but not any other websites. Petco will match the prices on up to 30 minutes after Amazon’s price changes. It’s not known if the company will keep prices up to 30 minutes after that.

Walmart, Target and Petco are all trying to make it hard for people to comparison shop online. Petco is getting help from Amazon and Ebay on its website.

Does Petco Price Match Walmart?

If a competitor offers the same Petco product at a lower price, Petco will match the competitor’s price.

And Petco’s price matching policy says that you can bring in other retailers’ receipt to verify the price, as long as the other retailer has a store or website you’re ordering from.

According to the Petco website, customers can find prices from other stores on the platform, including

Does Petco Price Match Chewy?

There will be no match pricing at Petco, you’ll have to do the research.

Petco says that, when shopping online, you will only have the ability to price match for a few websites, but one of which is

As for its physical locations, Petco says that they will match the prices of any competitor, which definitely covers Chewy, because they have the same business model.

Once you get your free code, you can use the Petco app at checkout for your free shipping offer.

This is the same as saying that you can’t match prices with a free trial to try the product out.

Does Petco Price Match Animals?

Petco says they do not price match animals, whether it be the fish they sell or cats and dogs put up for adoption.

The price matching policy is that a pet is not a replacement for another pet.

When ordering, make sure to compare the price of the item you’re about to order. If it’s the same as the one you have in the cart, you can order it.
Make sure to compare all products you want: price included. Otherwise, you’ll end up with something that doesn’t have the same price as the one you want, resulting in an error.

The pet store does not deal with pet photography, nor do they deal with any other pet related services, as a matter of fact, they do not price match anything in general.

To know more about Chewy, you can also read our posts on if Chewy is a scam, Chewy return policy, and if Chewy really owns Petco.


Petco will price match most retailers and its website, but will not match prices on the retail websites of its competitors. The company will also not price match membership and subscription perks.

The company does not match the prices of animals it sells on its own website because these are often significantly different from each other and the prices of the animals are often significantly different from those that are sold elsewhere online.

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