Does Petsmart Price Match? (chewy, Amazon, Petco + Other Faqs)

If you have a pet and you want to get them some food, medicine or supplies, then PetSmart is a great place to go to!
And of course, it doesn’t hurt that PetSmart has really helpful employees, either.

PetSmart doesn’t sell the same products as Walmart at a cheaper price. They do that because they can make more money off their own brand.

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Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022?

All pets and items sold at are sold under the PetSmart trademark. Pets and items for sale at are priced by PetSmart and sold by its stores, not by third party sellers. For more information, visit

The PetSmart Price Match Guarantee is very simple and can vary by state. If you have a receipt from another retailer for an item that has the same brand, style, size, age range, and quality, the item sold at another retailer is priced higher than the PetSmart Price Match Guarantee, and you are able to receive a price match from the store where the item was sold.

What Is PetSmart’s Price Match Policy?

If you haven’t purchased your pets products before, we recommend trying
them out before making a purchase with us. To make it easy on you, we
will offer you a $25 Gift Card for every 30 dollars spent on products
at our retail location. See gift card redemption conditions for more

And if you’re buying a gift for someone else who cares about their pets, the gift cards make a great gift!

This means you can also price match anything listed on the PetSmart website.

So, PetSmart does not price match to competitor items that are not listed at a PetSmart Store. The sales representative can check items that are available online or other retailer catalogs – but is not permitted to give the customer a price match for items listed on other websites.

Additionally, PetSmart’s policy operates on a product-per-customer basis. So, make sure to request only one price match per visit.

For example, if you’re visiting the PetSmart in [location], use the `[promoLink]` and the product name to find the same product in a nearby location.

Then, simply follow the instructions on your email to redeem the product in the store.

How Do You Request A Price Match At PetSmart?

This is when you find an item at a cheaper price somewhere else, such as another online retailer or brick and mortar store.

Just bring the item to your local pet store or your local store associate will be happy to help you.

Also, make sure to bring the ad, receipt or listing in case there is a dispute about the price.

What Products Can Be Price Matched At PetSmart?

When you shop for your pet at PetSmart, you can save on pet supplies and services and even get discounts on the products you love.

– PetSafe products
– Food items
– Services

In addition, for all other items, PetSmart reserves the right to match the price of any other online or in-store competitor.

Does PetSmart Price Match Chewy?

The Price Match Guarantee does include products.

The two companies decided to merge after talking to their boards of directors. So now their ownership has gone from the board of one company to the other.

If you find an item on Chewy that is cheaper than at PetSmart, you can request a price adjustment under special deals.

Does PetSmart Price Match Amazon?

Sure, we match the lowest Amazon price for that item.

For the reasons mentioned in the section about price matching, there’s no guarantee that all items can become eligible for price matching on

In order to make certain that our customers receive the best value, we are unable to price match other discounts, Amazon Prime prices, or Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

Does PetSmart Price Match Petco?

I got a lot of feedback from customers that they found PetSmart’s online price matching website easy to use.

If you’re able to find a better price at Petco, you’ll be able to make the price adjustment claim with the company.

Just bring a receipt, or some form of proof of a lower price to the retail location.

For example, if you find a lower price on the internet for the same item at the same location, take a screen shot of the website where you found it, and send it to us.

Does PetSmart Price Match has partnered with RetailMeNot to give you the ability to get a price match on in-store pricing.

PetSmart and work closely to make sure that they have the same great prices, but if there is a better price at any of their stores, the company will match that price for their customers.

Does PetSmart Price Match Walmart?

Yes, I think PetSmart does. You have to go to the pet page and check. Usually it works for in-store pickup. It used to not work for online but they changed that. You still have to go to the store. Sorry I can’t give you any specifics. It’s a lot to check.

Because one of PetSmart’s main competitors is the Walmart corporation, they will match the price of any identical products that are in-stock at PetSmart or

Walmart is the cheapest source for pet food. If a customer finds a cheaper priced item at Walmart, the customer can ask for a price match while in-store at PetSmart.

Does PetSmart Price Match eBay?

PetSmart does not price match any auction websites, including eBay, Amazon, or others.

Because eBay is technically a third-party seller of competitor products, it does not fall under PetSmart’s Match Policy, so we cannot match or beat their prices.

When customers are unable to price match other website they can only request store credit.

Does PetSmart Price Match On Sales?

To be fair to @shnugo, there are other pet stores in town that do price match, and some of them have even advertised it on their website.

When it comes to buying a pet, it’s always important to do your research. Sometimes the product on the shelf may not be the product that was being advertised. It’s very unlikely that the competitor listed will be offering the same product.

In addition, PetSmart will also match the price of any other online pet store if they have their own listed at a lower price.

Does PetSmart Give Price Adjustments Or Price Match After Purchase?

When you get the item, you cannot get a price adjustment. Including price match

This is an example of the price mismatch notification.

If you purchased something from a company that you believed was a PetSmart and were charged more than the product price at PetSmart, you do not have the legal right to be matched on the product’s price.

If the item goes on sale after you have purchased it, you are not getting a refund on the additional amount you paid.

Can You Price Match And Use A Coupon At PetSmart?

The coupon is already applied to the item by PetSmart.

The coupon and item price match cannot be combined.
It is possible to use the coupon on a different item, if the item you want is lower in price.

This offer is not eligible for discounts, coupons, or price match protections.

Because the product has already been discounted, it is no longer available for use in further deals.

The following phrases are used to describe the current status of a price reduction or further discount.

You can’t request a price match on an item that hasn’t been ordered yet.

What Does PetSmart’s Price Match Policy Exclude?

Petsmart has the right to request that buyers return purchases made in our stores and/or ship returns to our stores, provided we have made a purchase from them. PetSmart cannot guarantee that buyers will return purchases purchased from PetSmart for any reason.

Also, I’ve come to a conclusion about PetSmart: their advertising isn’t worth their loyalty programs, because the value of the discount is very low, the rewards are very few, and their customer support is usually pretty bad. The discount is just too small, the rewards are too hard to acquire, and the customer service is just not good enough.

I believe this is a good opportunity to write a [review].


Yes, for certain items. You can search through their extensive inventory online to find items that meet the criteria. You can use price shopping tools to identify competitive prices.

If you can show us proof that you paid for these specific items at another pet store, pet website, or local retail location and can provide us with the specific store’s online website or phone number, we will do our best to price match and honor the original price you paid.

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