Petsmart Exchange Policy (times Frames, Opened, No Receipt + More)

PetSmart is a pet store and sells different types of animals and pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, along with pet food, pet supplies, pet grooming services, and even pet accessories.

In case you want to return or exchange an item purchased from PetSmart, you should check out the terms and conditions first. That would help you understand which items are eligible for exchange and which ones cannot. If you don’t find any mention there, that’s alright. PetSmart will most likely inform you about that in an email or post on their website.

PetSmart Exchange Policy In 2022

PetSmart stores will soon have a new plan where you can exchange almost any brand of item for a new one. Customers must bring the items in new or sellable condition and include the original packaging. Items bought in-store and online can both be exchanged at a store location.

To get a refund, you must return the item(s) you purchased from us to a store or a warehouse and that is authorized to perform repairs. We will refund only when we receive the item back that has been repaired.

Can I Exchange An Item After 60 Days At PetSmart?

Exchanges at PetSmart were restricted to the 60 days to avoid problems.

You can still make an exchange even if the window is closed. Bring the product back to your local store with a valid form of ID.

In this instance, you would purchase the product at the lower price, then sell the product at the new, higher price.

If a Return Goods Policy is violated and the product is not defective or damaged, I will not accept a refund or exchange for that product.

You will be refunded in the same way that you originally purchased the item (e.g., by paying for other digital content or by sending the payment to us for an original digital purchase).

Can I Exchange An Item Without A Receipt At PetSmart?

If you lost your receipt you can still exchange the item you bought at Petsmart even if you have lost your receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt from a different exchange, the limits are the same as if you were exchanging outside of the 60-day limit.

To exchange a gift card with a receipt, bring the gift card and receipt into the store and the manager will exchange the gift card for the most recent available sales price.

While there is no receipt to retrieve from your phone, they can still find your account and credit you with the reward money.

If you use an online account, you can find your own order history to present proof of purchase.

A receipt is required to change a selected item from the current sale to a different one, and such a receipt must be printed and presented, and is not valid until it is presented in the shipping store.

Can I Exchange Opened Products At PetSmart?

If you buy a product at PetSmart, you may exchange it within 14 days of purchase, provided the products are in a sellable condition. For example, opened pet food may be exchanged within 14 days.

The retailer allows you to exchange opened items within 14 days, even if there is a difference in the food.

What Products Can I Not Exchange At PetSmart?

PetSmart is a pet store, and some of its items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Can I Exchange A Broken Item At PetSmart?

You should contact customer service within 30 days if you receive an online or in-store purchase that arrives damaged or defective.

To report damaged or defective items, you will need your order number, product number, email address, and phone number to give to the customer care operative.

To report a problem with delivery, you will need your order number, order date, item name, item quantity, tracking information, and phone number to give to the customer care operative.

We will exchange damaged or defective items under the same guidelines as other exchanges, you must make the exchange within 60 days and with proof of purchase.

The following return policy is for purchases from the USA and Canada only.

PetSmart is trying to reduce the number of fish that are returned for any reason. If you have any fish in your aquarium and you are ready to return them, you can do so at any time, even after you have purchased your fish at PetSmart.


If you find that you are not satisfied with your order, you can always contact us and send us the original item along with your order number and we can exchange it for you.

You can exchange a medication that you have purchased, that includes a valid receipt, within 60 days of the original purchase date if it is determined the medication has an expiration date prior to the original date of purchase.

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