Walmart Exchange Policy [all You Need to know] 

If you have bought the wrong item at Walmart, you can ask a refund on that item, and if you have a receipt of your purchase, you can have a receipt issued to you!

You can expect to be able to exchange your old product at Walmart for a new one in the same retail outlet. This includes items that fell to the bottom of the order history, or even items that were accidentally shipped to you.

Walmart Exchange Policy In 2022

If you bring your item back to the store, they will provide a free return label. Items that are not eligible for a refund can be returned within the 90 days of purchase for an exchange. The manager will determine if your item qualifies for an exchange.

Want to check out our Walmart return policy? Check out our page for Walmart, so you know just how much time you have to return an item.

Can I Exchange At Walmart Without A Receipt?

If you are without the original receipt for the item you wish to exchange, you must present your driver’s license or government-issued photo ID to the same store that you purchased the item from.

If the purchase is eligible, the money will be deposited in your PayPal account within 5-7 business days.

Please note that your purchase will not be eligible to be exchanged if your purchase is located on the system, if it’s damaged or not in standard condition.

There Are Some Limitations For Exchanging Items At Walmart

Walmart can only return items in the state they’re received. If they don’t have a receipt it’s hard to do a return on an item that was never purchased.

– If you exchange your items, you can only exchange up to 3 items within 45 days without a receipt. Exceeding this limit will disable your access to an exchange or return without a receipt for the following 6 months.
– If you change the contents of an item you’re exchanging for, you will be prevented from exchanging or returning the item without a receipt for the following 6 months.
– If you want to exchange or return an item, you will be provided with a return slip at the time of exchange or return.

You and the seller can agree to give the item away as a free gift at a later date.
You can also choose to pay to send the item somewhere else (as an example, shipping is free to the buyer and may be included in the price, or there may be shipping fees to the vendor).

This is in addition to the fact that they are subject to the whims of the store manager.

How Do I Do An Exchange At Walmart?

In order to make an exchange at Walmart, it is important that you bring a valid government-issued photo id as well as the original receipt of purchase.

It is ideal that you get all the items in your original box, but you can still exchange items at Walmart without packing. This will make the process harder, though. You can also purchase items at Walmart without packing, but you should make sure the items are in original packaging for your protection.

You can then ask the staff at the customer service desk in the store to perform an exchange.

It is worth having a product in mind that you wish to exchange your item for, to help your exchange transaction be quicker and easier for staff to navigate. If you cannot find that product, our friendly customer services team can help you to choose the right one.

What Items Cannot Be Exchanged At Walmart In 90 Days?

You should bring your receipt if you are exchanging electronics, but you can exchange electronics from any retailer as long as it’s less than 15 days old.

It could very well be that the lawn mower in question belongs to another person and therefore isn’t covered by the warranty.

In short, you can’t return certain items to Walmart, including items that are damaged or are not in the original packaging.

How Has Covid-19 Affected Walmart’s Exchange Policy?

In a bid to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, Walmart made changes to its policy on exchanging items.

In some states, Walmart’s policy has been changed to a limited store exchange policy. In other states, like Pennsylvania and New York, Walmart’s policy is to not allow exchanges at all.

Walmart announced they no longer accepting Bitcoin, and that they would reimburse customers for the purchase. It is also important to note that most of Walmart’s customers live in the South.


In summary, Walmart allows customers to exchange purchases that have a limited exchange period of 90 days. Electronics, outside equipment, and some other purchases require a receipt to be presented alongside the item.

– If you are exchanging the product for an item that costs more, you will need to pay the difference. If it is worth less than your original purchase, you will be able to claim this money back online in the same method used for your original purchase.

When exchanging an item without a receipt, you always have to show valid government-issued photo identification. You will have to wait for a cashier to review your ID before your exchange can be processed.

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