Petsmart Return Policy (pets, No Box, Opened Items, No Receipt, Chewy + More)

PetSmart is known for selling a wide range of pet supplies including food, toys, cage, and aquariums along with a range of live pets such as cats, dogs, fish, birds, and more.

 When you’re not satisfied with a pet or pet supply purchased from PetSmart, there are a few things you can do to get a new one or get a refund.

PetSmart Return Policy In 2022

PetSmart will accept returns of items that are in good condition with the deduction of shipping costs. Customers will typically have 60 days to return items purchased online or in-store with a valid proof of purchase. Note that live animals cannot be returned.

You might want to visit PetSmart’s website to learn how to return items to them, including if you can use the box or not and which items are eligible for returns.

What Is PetSmart’s Return Policy For Live Animals?

If you have purchased animals from PetSmart and it has not been a live animal (e.g. a snake or iguana), you can return it to PetSmart within 14 days after the purchase.

PetSmart wants you to take a returned pet back to where you bought it from, so you need to bring that pet back to PetSmart, and also complete the information request form you received from PetSmart.

You can return an animal (or any animal for that matter) that died in the store within 30 days of purchase and present evidence of death.

You will also need to bring a valid state-issued photo ID for the return and must return your pet (whether purchased at PetSmart, another store or from a breeder) to the PetSmart store where you purchased it.

What Is PetSmart’s Return Policy For Fish?

If you return the fish to a PetSmart in time of a 14 day window, then you will not be charged.
If you do not return the fish to PetSmart, then you will be charged a $10 returned merchandise fee.

If you are returning a deceased fish, the fish will need to be brought to the store where you purchased it. You will also need to have a water sample taken to test for any contaminants within the water.

Can I Return An Item Without The Box At PetSmart?

PetSmart have said that in order to be eligible for a return, the item must be in the original packaging.

However, it is very possible that you could be denied a return (or an exchange) of the dog to PetSmart if they find your dog is ill or injured.

Note, in case you were wondering, they won’t accept returns at all if the item is sealed. If you need to return something that is sealed, just call the store.

Can I Return Opened Items To PetSmart?

You will need to bring the item(s) back to the store. Your return should include a copy of your receipt, a copy of your packing slip, the product(s), and a brief description of why you are returning the item(s).

For example, if you buy something on Amazon and think that it was a bad deal; you can return it for a refund.

However, you will only have 14 days to return opened items to PetSmart, and have to pay for shipping if you don’t return them.

Can I Return An Item Or Animal Without The Receipt To PetSmart?

PetSmart will only send you your receipt for free gifts.

When you do not have your receipt to prove it was a PetSmart purchase, you will need to bring the item and a valid form of government-issued photo ID to the store.

After you have verified your identity, PetSmart will issue you a merchandise return card with a unique code that can only be used at PetSmart.

However, if you do not have a receipt and want to exchange your balance so that you can make a new purchase, any outstanding balance will be returned to you in the same form of payment as your original balance.

Can PetSmart Look Up My Receipt?

If your are participating in the PetSmart Treats Rewards program, you will be able to track your own recent orders. This will make it easier for you to return items without a receipt.

While you’re shopping at PetSmart, you’ll be able to check how many rewards points you have in your account, how the different rewards levels stack up, the current level status of your account, and more.

Can I Return Chewy Items To PetSmart?

But not all customers are content with a box of bones.

The Petsmart has been owned by the CPG corporation since January 25, 2009. Previously it was known as the Petco.

Can I Return Damaged Items To PetSmart?

If you purchase a damaged pet from the PetSmart store and you bring that piece of the bag to the front counter, you can have this exchanged for a new piece if you prefer a different size or color.

You can return the item to a PetSmart store, or contact the PetSmart Customer Care on 1-888-839-9638.
Please keep the entire package and all the materials that were inside it.

if your order is in store please return it to your local store within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. If your order was delivered to a shipping address, your return must be received by us in 10 days after your order arrived.

What Are The PetSmart Return Exceptions?

If you return a item you should check with us, you may be able to return it after paying a restocking fee.

How Do I Return PetSmart Purchases To A Store?

When visiting an official store, just bring the item, the receipt with the sales receipt in it, and your method of payment to the checkout counter.

Return Policy: You can return items to any PetSmart store, but you will need to bring live animals and fish to the same store that you purchased them from.

How Do I Return Online PetSmart Purchases?

In case you have purchased an item from the PetSmart online store, you have a few ways to return it.

If you have purchased an online order, you can return it to the PetSmart store for a refund or exchange.

PetSmart is an online store that allows you to buy stuff for pets and is a store that helps you find other pets stores near you.

If a return or exchange is necessary, you are responsible for the cost of shipping your return or exchange.

A few other things to consider include, you will only receive the refund if your payment was made with cash, check, or bank draft, since credit cards are not usually accepted, and also the refund is usually a percentage of your transaction amount.

Even if you didn’t use your card to make your purchase online or have it on you, you can take your PetPlus card with you and use it at any time to make a return at one of our shops or through an online system.

The merchandise return card at PetSmart cannot be redeemed for cash. It is only used at PetSmart (and other stores if you have more than one card).

You are now officially mailed your product.

If you want to return a product ordered online, you can print the return form and mail it to our office. However, you will be liable for the shipping cost.

To return your PetSmart order, you must pack it securely and include the packing slip. They must be marked with your name, address, and phone number.

When returning your pet merchandise, make sure to use a traceable method of shipping and attach your PetSmart return shipping label.

You will not be able to return your order to get a refund for your purchase.

How Will I Receive The Refund For My Return At PetSmart?

You will receive a refund either by check or by the method of payment you used to purchase the item.

If you purchased an item using a debit or credit card, you will be charged the amount of the item back against your card. You can then top it up when you return to the store using cash.

If you have a PetSmart card and received a check or have not used it to pay, then you should get your money back within 10 days, either by cash or a merchandise return card.

Additionally, if you purchased a PetSmart item with a credit card, the amount you paid will be returned to your credit card when you make the return.

If you have a question about this specific return, please contact Customer Relations by calling 1-800-435-7369.

Please contact Customer Service and they will issue you a full refund.

You must have the same card you used at the time of purchase. If you don’t, we will issue you a merchandise return card.

What Does PetSmart Do With Returned Items?

PetSmart is a pet store that often sells items that are no longer safe to be on shelves and in the hands of pet owners.

This is important because your cat could be exposed to pesticides and other chemicals.

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When it comes to PetSmart there are a lot of different things you can return and the best part is that they reimburse you for those returns.

You can use the original receipt or the item to return to our store. You can use your driver’s license and government-issued ID to show proof of purchase.

You will receive your PetSmart refund in the original form of payment you used to purchase your pet.

In the event that you don’t have your method of payment or have lost your receipt, you might be issued a PetSmart merchandise card.
If you do not have your method of payment or have lost your receipt, you may be given a PetSmart merchandise card.

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