Ikea Kitchen Warranty (time Frames, Claims, What’s Covered, Kitchen Cabinets + More)

A new kitchen can be very exciting, but can also end up being quite stressful. You’ll want to make sure that the kitchen will last a long time so that you don’t have to maintain the kitchen constantly.

IKEA has great customer service as I learned from their website and they offer a lot of benefits to their consumers.

IKEA Kitchen Warranty In 2022

My experience is that the repair is usually a simple fix. They are made well, but can be prone to corrosion. The repair is usually very fast, and the parts are very inexpensive. You simply take the faucet faucet out and replace it with the new one, and test it.

The best thing about IKEA is that their faucets are simple to install and use. IKEA really is a great place to buy affordable quality kitchen/bathroom faucets.

Well, if a product has been under warranty, the warranty may (or may not) continue for varying lengths of time. Read on to find out more, including the warranty requirements for the product.

What Is Covered In IKEA’s Kitchen Warranty?

ikea’s warranty does not cover the domestic use of the below kitchen parts. This warranty will only cover any defects in the material and/or workmanship.

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The limited warranty for the SEKTION kitchen is valid for 25 years, and will remain in force as long as it is in your possession.

No longer covered by 10-year warranty. Limited warranty coverage from the purchase date. Limited warranty coverage expires in 2018.

Does The IKEA Kitchen Warranty Cover Kitchen Cabinets?

       The HÖRDA range of products are designed, manufactured, finished and sold in accordance with European regulations. In other respects, they are an upmarket version of the TUTEMO range. There is no additional warranty provided for HÖRDA but all guarantees and warranties of TUTEMO apply to HÖRDA.

The IKEA warranty suggests that homeowners use only a soft cloth dampen with tap water to clean the cabinets, frames, fronts, shelves and drawers, so that they can last for longer.

This will cause smoke damage to the interior and exterior of the cabinet. It’s also very dangerous to an infant/child.

What Doesn’t The IKEA Kitchen Warranty Cover?

This limited warranty for IKEA Kitchens will not cover any normal wear and tear, scratches, or damage caused by accidents, or normal wear and tear. It will also not cover incidental or consequential damages.

If the user does not assemble or store correctly the item they receive will be void of warranty.

If your kitchen has been used incorrectly, altered, misused, abused or cleaned with the wrong cleaning products or methods, you are risking your health.

The kitchen is a non-returnable item, and the warranty will only cover damages from factory defects, not damage or wear and tear caused by customer usage. The warranty covers all wood and metal parts.

IKEA’s 25 Year Kitchen Guarantee

Ikea offers 25 year guarantee on many of its products, however these guarantee covers defects and poor workmanship on their end, not accidental damage.

If you wish to make a claim for a warranty on a consumer product (e.g. TV) it is usually possible to do so online. If your item is under warranty, then your warranty will be covered until the end of the warranty period (normally 12 months), plus maybe a further 3 months for the warranty company to repair, or you can choose to buy a replacement under warranty.

If the accident is found to be the fault of the retailer, they will be responsible for the damage and will then send their people in to evaluate the damage and to determine if the merchandise is defective. They will also replace or repair the merchandise, as required.

IKEA will spend the same amount of money on repair of the item as it would if the item was still in stock. Items which are no longer sold are not necessarily not in stock any longer, but if the item is not still available at IKEA, they will provide an appropriate alternative.

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The guarantee will protect users from any defects or poor workmanship in the SEKTION kitchen system and will also cover installation and transport.

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