Ikea Mattress Warranty (what’s Covered, Time Frames, 25 Year Guarantee + More)

ikea means cheap in Swedish. Because it was originally designed to sell products in very low prices, and it still does sell products at very low prices, but it is also now a brand that consumers know well.

 As far as warranties go, IKEA is not known for its warranties. However, the mattresses that IKEA sells does come with a warranty for a period of 2 years, meaning that the mattress is warranted to be free from defects.

IKEA Mattress Warranty In 2022

ikea is the most famous among home furnishing companies that are still in the business of manufacturing and marketing furniture. The company operates through more than 36,000 IKEA stores and a range of other channels that include online and catalog sales.

If you bought an IKEA mattress online or at any IKEA store in Australia you have the chance to claim a warranty for your mattress that lasts for up to 5 years.
If you purchased the mattress on the IKEA.com.au website you can choose to have it installed by us for the claim free installation service. You don’t need to worry about it being difficult to install due to the large size of the mattress (we’ll do it for you!).

What Is Covered Under An IKEA Mattress Warranty?

ikea mattress guarantee, IKEA products are a guarantee, IKEA products are guaranteed to be comfortable and functional.

If there is a problem with the materials or workmanship of a mattress, we will repair or replace that mattress (or provide you with another mattress) at no charge to you. If you have purchased a mattress from us and have any questions about the quality of the mattress, please call us so we can answer any questions you might have.

What Is Not Covered Under IKEA’s Mattress Warranty?

The warranty is not valid if the mattress is damaged by the consumer, even if it was not subjected to misuse, accidental damage or any other type of damage.
This is a very important issue, and one that is not covered under the warranty. The warranty only covers the period of the manufacturer’s warranty, not after that period.

What Are The Time Frames For IKEA Mattress Returns?

If you are not happy with your IKEA mattress, you have 90 days from the date of purchase in which to exchange the item.

This limited exchange policy covers inherent defects in a mattress when it is in domestic use from the date of purchase to the date of exchange. Replacement of the mattress is only available during this period.

Customers can return the IKEA pillow-top mattress for up to a lifetime, provided they do not have any damage to the mattress. The warranty also covers customers who purchase a mattress from another retailer.

How Do You File A Claim With An IKEA Mattress Warranty?

If your IKEA mattress is under warranty, you can still file a claim if something goes wrong with your IKEA mattress.

To do so, check your original purchase receipt and other relevant customer information that might be necessary to look up your original purchase. This might include your home address and phone number.

Then, contact your local IKEA store by using the phone number in the IKEA catalog or use the online IKEA store lookup feature, to discuss your claim and your options with them directly.

Which IKEA Mattresses Are Covered Under Warranty?

All mattresses covered by IKEA’s 25-year limited warranty come with a limited warranty period of 25 years.
IKEA’s warranty covers mattress defects, only. It doesn’t cover other components, such as frame or foundations.
IKEA makes the mattresses according to its standards.
IKEA doesn’t cover any damages due to misuse, extreme temperature conditions, and other risks.

What Products Are Not Covered Under IKEA’s Mattress Warranty?

ikea mattresses are not covered under its warranty.

What Is IKEA’s 25-Year Guarantee?

IKEA mattresses are covered by a limited 25-year guarantee provisions that establish liability for damage and issues with the mattress materials.

If you’re suffering from a defective mattress, then the warranty covers the expense of repair or replacement parts that are necessary to put your mattress in good working condition.

Ikea covers mattresses that are purchased from January 1, 2012 and forward, for a period of 25 years, with a 10 year warranty on the mattress foundation and 10 years coverage on the bed rails, legs and headboard. The warranty covers all defective parts, including the fabric.

It is also important to note that the warranty is valid for 5 years, so the warranty period is for 25 years in total.

IKEA has its mattresses delivered in flat packs. You can either roll them up and take them home to put them flat on the bed, or just keep them flat on the floor for storage. IKEA mattresses are also covered by a warranty, and you can return any mattress within the first year if you are not happy with it.


ikea offers a 25-year guarantee on their mattresses and bed bases, covering structural and material damage, or flaws during manufacturing. ikea will pay for the repairs or replace the item.

There is an incentive to purchase mattresses from IKEA – if you are uncomfortable with returning them before the 365 day return window you can opt for a custom mattress.

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