Ikea Sofa Warranty (time Frames, Claims, Sofas That Are Covered + More)

With IKEA’s wide selection of sofas, you might be feeling spoiled for choice when it comes to changing your living room furniture for something more…

IKEA and Amazon have teamed up to make it easier for customers to order the furniture they need.

IKEA offer a 4 year warranty on all of its sofas and chairs. IKEA doesn’t cover the leather or upholstery, which is the most expensive part of the furniture.

IKEA Sofa Warranty In 2022

The 10-year limited warranty on the IKEA sofa covers any defects in its manufacturing. If any of the IKEA sofa products are damaged to the point that it cannot be repaired as a whole, customers may receive a replacement or a credit of the total purchase amount. However, IKEA does not cover any damage done by the customer or wear and tear.

With an IKEA Sofa Warranty, it’s a whole lot easier to know how your furniture is going to last. This is especially useful for people who have purchased a new Ikea couch or set of Sofa Beds that they’ve never used before.

What Are The Time Frames Of IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

ikea’s warranty covers a maximum of 10 years, and expires from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply if the sofa(s) are placed outdoors or in a humid environment, and does not apply if the sofa has been improperly cleaned, abused, altered, misused, used inappropriately, installed or assembled incorrectly, or stored incorrectly.

ikea’s warranty will not cover incidental or consequential damages. although some states will not allow this as a limitation.

How Do You Make A Claim On IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

ikea.com has a special collection that includes their most popular IKEA products as well as special items. To make a claim on your IKEA sofa, you’ll need your original receipt as proof of purchase. Head to your local IKEA with this receipt to speak to an associate, or simply call 1-888-888-4532 for assistance.

For calling, Ikea’s store hours are Sunday to Saturday, 9 am – 10 pm (Eastern Time)
In either case, your best bet is to call their office, during business hours, because you will likely be put on hold for a long time.

Once you have made your claim, we will send a team to inspect the defect and determine whether it is a manufacturer’s fault or the fault of the customer.

Which Sofas Are Covered In IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

The warranty excludes damage and non-conformity resulting from misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, or alteration of the product, or from the use of other than Genuine Genuine Genuine products of a similar kind manufactured to the same specifications.

What Is Not Covered In IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

The warranty does not apply

To consumers of the couch

To consumers of the pillow

To consumers of the ottoman

To consumers of the love seat

To consumers of the chaise lounge.

If your item has a defect, then IKEA will provide you with a warranty replacement.

IKEA is not responsible for any costs related to a warranty replacement. IKEA is not responsible for transportation costs to and from your location. IKEA is not responsible for any costs associated with having the item repaired.

Will IKEA Replace a Broken Sofa?

You can repair your sofa for free if it is due to any of the limited warranty conditions. You can also make a claim to repair your sofa if something is damaged due to wear and tear.

If your sofa does not fall into either of the categories I have listed here, it may not be covered by any of the warranties available.

If they return and decide that the repair or replacement is not a covered part under their warranty, they will return the sofa or pay you for the repair or replacement. In most instances, you will still need to pay shipping & handling to us.

IKEA will pay for this project. The materials will be included in the cost.

How Do You Clean & Take Care Of IKEA Sofas?

ikea has a guide for its customers once they’ve received their sofas what to do to clean them appropriately. Not adhering to these recommendations will otherwise void the warranty.

Additionally, IKEA advises customers to plump their cushions on a regular basis, at least once a month, and to pluck them out and rotate them around the bench occasionally to maintain comfort.

After you have already used the sofa for two weeks and checked it from time to time, you will be able to check whether the screws are tight or not.

for washable covers, IKEA recommends cleaning with a damp cloth, ironing while slightly damp, and refitting while still slightly damp as it will stretch more easily.

Leather sofas should be vacuumed on a regular basis with a soft vacuum brush and should be cleaned thoroughly a few times a year by using leather care products.

It is also recommended to be careful of cleaning leather furniture with harsh chemicals and to always wipe up spills promptly.

After vacuum cleaning, wipe them with a damp cloth if you have any question.
It is also recommended that one should not clean the sofas with water.

You should be careful to keep your sofa clean, and follow any care instructions that you are given.

To answer your question,

Is it possible to buy a complete living room set (sofa, chair, coffee table, etc) from IKEA in its original packaging?

Not only is this possible, it’s a common practice in IKEA. It’s called the IKEA HOME, and they offer it in 3 different bundles.


The warranty gives you 10 years in which you can exchange your sofa for free. All Sofa’s bought from IKEA are covered by a warranty. This warranty gives you 10 years from the date of purchase to exchange your Sofa for free.

The process to make a claim is very easy, you simply need to get in touch with us on live chat, you will be assisted by one of our customer support team. There are no hidden charges and we offer a free collection service for your items purchased from IKEA.

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