Ikea Appliance Warranty (claims, Appliances Covered, Time Frames + More)

ikea is a Swedish furniture retailer and one of the largest home furnishing companies in the world. They offer many different appliances and products for their stores and one of the many ones you can find is a dishwasher.

The IKEA warranty might just be an excellent option for your product, and you might just need to talk to someone about it!

IKEA Appliance Warranty In 2022

The IKEA warranty includes 5 years of limited cover on any defects or functions as of 2022. Appliances covered in the IKEA warranty include ovens, cooktops, hoods, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and freezers. The free warranty enables customers to replace or repair defective appliances.

If you are in doubt whether or not you qualify for warranty service, you’ll have to send your guitar for a service or repair by the manufacturer’s authorized service agent.
The warranty covers the original owner of the guitar.
You must contact the authorized service agent within the warranty period, in the region in which the guitar was originally sold, within 14 days of its discovery of the problem or defect.
If you don’t, you could be liable for all service costs and repairs.

What Appliances Are Covered In IKEA’s Warranty?

Ventilation, cooking, washing, storage, air quality, and health.

This warranty covers any defects we find in the material or workmanship of the product, and will not cover any incidental damage caused by the customer.

This warranty is provided by Whirlpool Corporation and any parts or service required will be supplied by them. If your warranty does not cover parts or service, we will pay for the parts or service required.

What Are The Time Frames In IKEA’s Appliance Warranty?

When purchasing the appliances at Ikea, the warranty will begin on the date the appliance is delivered to you.

An improperly installed unit may cause your appliances to work poorly, and could void your warranty.

This product is only covered by the normal warranty period for its part and the normal warranty period for the machine itself.

This warranty is not transferable from one owner to another.

What Is Not Covered In The IKEA Appliance Warranty?

Ikea says that the warranty is limited.

This warranty, when applicable only, shall not extend to the parts or labour needed to correct defective installations of the appliance. The original manufacturer also assumes no responsibility for the installation of the appliance.

You will not receive any repairs or replacements to your house fuses or wiring nor will you be called to correct such problems.

I will also be unable to claim any service calls for repairs or replacements to appliance light bulbs, water filters, or air filters.

Any parts that are considered to be consumables for appliances will also be excluded from the warranty.

How Do You Make A Claim Under IKEA’s Appliance Warranty?

If you find a fault in your major appliance from IKEA within 5 years of purchase, you can easily speak to an IKEA service representative by either heading to your local IKEA store to discuss your claim.

If you are having problems with your order, you should call IKEA Customer Service on 1-888-888-4532.

they require you to make your appointment ahead of time though.

How Is The Claim Resolved Under IKEA’s Appliance Warranty?

While IKEA will come to you within a couple of days of receiving your claim, if you want to see it for yourself, and do any of the additional work on your own, you can take the appliance to an authorised IKEA service center.

IKEA will inspect your appliance to see if the fault is because of a natural wear and tear or if any damage is the fault of the customer.

If the appliance is deemed to not be working properly, then it will be repaired or replaced.

ikea will try to contact whirlpool for the specific parts for the repair work as soon as possible and work on it immediately.

Not sure about anything being more convenient, but IKEA does pay for everything.

How Can I Care For My Appliances Under IKEA’s Warranty?

It is a guide that comes with all of their products, and it has instructions on how to clean your appliances appropriately, in line with the 5-year warranty.

The stove or oven, depending on your particular product, may require special care and/or installation instructions. Refer to your manufacturer for details on how to care and/or install the product. If your new appliance was purchased directly from the manufacturer or a direct installer, it probably already came with these instructions. If not, see your installer for special care and/or installation instructions.

For more information about cleaning your appliance in line with your IKEA warranty, read this warranty in full.

To find out more about IKEA kitchens and other IKEA related products, please read our other articles below. It may help you find the right product.


If your appliance is returned to IKEA within 5 years of purchase, free of charge, we’ll repair or replace parts, pay for installation, or credit for a new, similar appliance, but we cannot replace the appliance itself.

They will repair or replace the appliance if it is defective in material or workmanship, but will not repair or replace it if it is defective because of its normal wear and tear, or if it is caused by an accident.

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