Does Lowe’s Repair Appliances? (cost, Wait Time, Types Of Appliances + More)

When Lowe’s appliances develop faults, they are very knowledgeable about appliances and can fix them. The biggest downside to Lowe’s appliances is that most Lowe’s appliances develop faults. Most homes have at least one so it is important to have some type of backup in case your appliance develops a fault.

I’ve looked at some options of how you can make repairs on appliances, and which ones are covered by Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Repair Appliances In 2022?

Lowe’s offers the same services with its Appliance Protection Plan that Sears offers. Lowe’s and Sears both offer the same appliance protection, and they both offer the same service. Lowe’s and Sears both offer the same customer service. They’re both the same, same, same.

What Is Lowe’s Appliance Protection Plan?

 In the unlikely event that your product gets damaged because of a manufacturing defect during the original manufacturer’s warranty period, you can still make a claim.

Lowe’s offers a three or five-year plan on appliances, which extends the overall guarantee to a maximum of five years. It’s important because the appliance industry doesn’t offer the same kind of warranty extension that you may see on a car or a refrigerator.
These are the kinds of things I hear when I run into people at the hardware store.

In order to avoid theft or damage to the home, a homeowner must choose the appropriate plan based on the size of their home, the number of break-in attempts, the kind of property they own and their budget.

A monthly fee of $9.95 per appliance, which helps pay for repairs or replacements should your appliance malfunction.

As well as cover appliance repairs to add value to your insurance policy, The Protection Plan has many other benefits you really can’t beat!

What Does Lowe’s Charge For Repairs?

In the first year of ownership, a warranty is provided as a free service by the manufacturer. This will cover any repairs needed.

Lowe’s has a protection plan so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Their protection plan costs about $100, depending on how long you want the coverage for.

1) $25 for 3 years
2) $125 for 5 years
3) $400 for 10 years

So to answer your question, what are the prices of the plans? Just compare them like this:

$25 for 3 years
$125 for 5 years
$400 for 10 years

If you read that, your brain will automatically compare the prices.

Lowe’s appliance plans cover the repair of appliances for any reason. All of the repairs will be carried out by certified technicians.

In addition to providing free repairs, Lowe’s will cover any damage to the property caused by an accident or flood, in the event that the home is lost or damaged to the point where it can’t be repaired.

What Types Of Appliances Can Be Repaired By Lowe’s?

Lowe’s appliance protection plan covers the following appliances: dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, ovens, faucets, and washer/dryers. If you have a washer/dryer combo, the wash/dry cycles are split between both appliances.

What Is The Wait Time For A Lowe’s Appliance Repair?

The manufacturer covers the first-year warranty of the appliance with the exception of the water heater. The manufacturer usually does not offer the warranty for the water heater.

The technology will not be available to the manufacturer until he has already finished his current project.

We have the best appliance protection plan because we can fix your appliance in just a little over a week.

If Lowe’s appliance protection plan is purchased, the company promises a quick service and a speedy resolution.

For one time, the customer will receive a $50 payment for the appliance isn’t repaired within 7 days.

Lowe’s delivery in Illinois is only available in the Chicago city limits.
If Lowe’s does not deliver to your area, they do not deliver and you will need to purchase a delivery service.
Lowe’s does not pick up appliances.
Lowe’s does not buy used appliances, so any appliances purchased from Lowe’s must be brand new.


Fortunately, Lowe’s offers services to repair your appliance after you purchase it.

Even if you don’t purchase a Lowe’s protection plan, your product will only be covered for repair during the first year.

But, the added purchase of a Lowe’s protection plan can cover repairs needed on the property for up to 5 years. And the guarantee of seven days for any needed repairs, has also been eliminated.

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