Does Lowe’s Repair Lawn Mowers? (cost, Wait Time + More)

Lowe’s makes home improvement products available to homeowners, including tools and supplies that are appropriate for projects and repairs.

 Lowe’s has a good repair policy, which means it will take care of your lawn mower if it needs any repairs.

Does Lowe’s Repair Lawn Mowers In 2022?

Lowe’s offers customers a Protection Plan should they have issues with their lawn mower’s durability or other issues while it is in their possession. Additionally, Lowe’s sells spare lawn mower parts.

Lowe’s will make sure you get mower repair completed as fast as possible and we will protect you from any issues. You can read more about how Lowe’s protects you by visiting our website. It will make sure you get that mower repaired as soon as possible.

Does Lowe’s Fix Lawn Mowers?

Unlike Lowe’s, Home Depot does not have a website that lists their prices and repair services.

Instead, Lowe’s can repair your lawn mower if you purchased it from its store, and in this case it also covers you under its manufacturer warranty. To find out if your lawn mower has a manufacturer warranty, look on the bottom of the mower. The label will specify the warranty terms.

As a result of this policy, it is hard to know if a product will qualify for a warranty extension.

So, it is recommended to do an independent research, contact the manufacturer directly to schedule a service when it is needed.

If Lowe’s has your Lowe’s Protection Plan, you can get your lawn mower repaired for free at Lowe’s after its warranty is expired.

Your new washer and dryer will also be covered by the warranty and there is no deductible or fee required when you file a claim.

Lowe’s will not repair your lawn mower. However, Lowe’s can tell you about nearby repair shops to which they have a relationship.

How Long Does It Take To Have A Lawn Mower Repaired At Lowe’s?

If you need a lawn mower repaired at Lowe’s, you need to have it repaired during the season.

For example, it can take several weeks to have it fixed. It can be busy during the busy season, and more easily fixed after holiday seasons.

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Lawn Mower Repaired At Lowe’s?

And if you are not using any type of manufacturer’s warranty, or Lowe’s Protection Plan, you could have to pay the deductible for the damage, and a part or some other repair to your lawn mower.

Another good way to make money from home is to sell used lawn mower parts and accessories. From the looks of it, there is no minimum investment required to make money with this side hustle and you won’t need a special licence to sell them.

The total cost of repairs can be significantly higher. It can cost anything from $80 to as much as $250, depending on what is needed.

What Types Of Lawn Mowers Can Lowe’s Repair?

Lowe’s has a wide variety of brands, and warranties most lawn mowers that it sells.

But Lowe’s doesn’t really repair lawn mowers that you already own, however it does sell parts for lawnmowers that you already own.

If your old lawn mower is the same brand as what Lowe’s sells you can find parts to fix it yourself.

Can I Have My Lawn Mower Protected By Lowe’s?

It is important to remember that an insurance plan will not always cover everything. For example, if you have a problem with your lawn mower, you may want to check with your manufacturer’s factory service department to see if they can help you.

At Lowe’s, we are here to help ensure that you have a great experience and your lawn needs are met. We will work with you to find the right solution for you.

If you plan to buy a lawn mower, plan to find one that will offer various different types of grasses, at different prices.

One of the products that Lowe’s offers is called Outdoor Power Equipment Protection and it is a warranty service that covers certain products.

Essentially, the protection plan means when you get it installed, you can get 50% back on items to keep your products running from Lowe’s, as well as a Repair Quick Policy.

Lowe’s repair quick will have your lawnmower fixed in three days and can also deliver to your house.

Does Lowe’s Sell Parts For Lawn Mowers?

In addition to mower parts and accessories, Lowe’s sells lawn furniture, including deck chairs, coffee tables, and garden benches.

In 2016 Lowe’s sells a wide variety of brands of lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment.

To use in your garden, they’re great because they’re easy to use, they’re powerful, and they’re pretty effective.

Also, the Billy Goat Hose Kit for Lawn Vacuum Handlebar Kit is a favorite among the Lowe’s shoppers.

If you are having trouble with your Lowe’s order, you can contact the Lowe’s customer service team through phone calls, emails or through their website.


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Ensuring that you are within the manufacturer’s warranty will help ensure that you will save a lot of money when repairing your lawn mower.

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