Does Amazon Repair Kindles? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon launched Kindle in 2007 and has since become the most popular e-reader in the market.

If your device has broken or has significant damage, you may be wondering if Amazon repairs Kindles? Here’s what I found!

Does Amazon Repair Kindles In 2022?

The Amazon Kindle is very well made with a rubberized coating, making it durable and
robust. It can be dropped from great heights without causing damage.

One can argue about what “great heights” means, but the Kindle can withstand a drop to the floor.

The first thing that I think of when I think of the Kindle is its portability.

If you want to know more about how Amazon Kindles get broken, how they perform under warranty, and how to have them repaired or replaced, check out this link!

Does Amazon Replace Broken Kindles?

I have had many customers who have requested to be sent a replacement.

Normally, Amazon does not replace broken Kindles unless they are damaged due to user misuse. However, this may vary depending on which Amazon customer service center the customer is contacting.

A few days later, customers who purchased the Kindle began receiving emails from Amazon about the damaged Kindle. However, this may not occur for all customers.

If the broken Kindle’s warranty is valid, the company will replace a broken Kindle. If the warranty on the device has expired, customers will be offered a discount on other Kindles.

What is Amazon’s Kindle Repair Warranty?

If a customer has the Kindle, Amazon’s warranty is a one year warranty and the customer will have to take it to Amazon for repair or return and they will offer the customer a pick-up or delivery option.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is the only Kindle on which Amazon will offer a 1-year warranty.

Kindle owners with damaged Kindle devices should mail their devices to the location where their warranty service is located with the box and accessories.

To learn more about the Kindle warranties that apply to your model, you can find out if the device is covered by the manufacturer warranty on Amazon’s customer service site.

Where Can I Get a Kindle Repaired?

Kindle repair companies are still there and they can still offer great discounts to any Kindle owner. If the warranty is expired, they can replace the Kindle or even perform additional repair on Kindles.

Repair services like uBreakiFix and Oursource are highly rated services that offer their own warranties when you let them fix Kindle issues.

Furthermore, if customers just want a replacement screen for their Kindle, they can purchase a new screen from $15- $40 and bring it to a device repair center.

Amazon Kindle owners may be able to perform repairs using DIY videos. However, this is only recommended for small fixes.

Don’t send your Kindle to get fixed without reading the reviews of the service provider. Use the reviews to decide which is the best kindle repair service in Boston.

Is Getting a Kindle Repaired Worth It?

It is worthwhile to get a Kindle repaired by Amazon if consumers only need some minor repairs and still have a valid warranty.

But you will probably prefer to replace your broken Kindle because the damage is complex and will take longer to repair.

Amazon may be willing to offer a new or refurbished Kindle for free to a customer within 90 days of them sending in a broken or old Kindle.

You may decide to have your Kindle repaired by a third party if your Kindle’s screen is damaged. However, the costs to repair the Kindle may cause you to spend more on the Kindle than using a screen protector is worth.

However, you should also get your Kindle repaired by an external source if your Kindle warranty has expired, as Amazon repairs Kindles for free!

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You need to ship your broken Kindle to a repair facility and then, the warranty will be fixed! You must be honest with the repair facility about what is wrong with your Kindle in order to receive a proper repair.

You can find out the information by contacting Amazon customer service!

I am not sure how they do it, but Amazon usually offers a new Kindle as a replacement for the model that breaks.

If you receive a damaged Kindle device from Amazon customer service you may be asked to pay for repairs, but some centers may be more lenient than others.

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