Amazon Alexa Warranty (time Frames, Claims, Repairs, Replacements + More)

While the Amazon Echo smart speaker is an extremely popular device, Amazon provides warranties for nearly every single device sold by the retailer.

If you’re looking for the manufacturer warranty of the Alexa/ Echo, the one listed at Amazon is for 1 year of parts and labor only. Amazon also offers a 3-year warranty on the Echo, but it should be considered a last step in case it gets damaged beyond repair.

Amazon Alexa Warranty In 2022

Amazon offers a 1-year warranty for most Alexa/Echo devices. Amazon covers the cost of your device if anything goes wrong and it needs to be replaced. However, the warranty does not cover the cost of replacing your Alexa if it is lost, damaged, or stolen.

You may want to keep reading if you are interested in learning more about the warranties for other Alexa devices, including if it will be replaced or fixed.

Which Amazon Alexa Devices Have a 1 Year Warranty?

Most Amazon Alexa devices come with a 1-year warranty. However, some Alexa devices with a one-year warranty may not have a 90-day warranty.

One in every two Echo devices have a 1-year warranty, but they don’t say where.

 One of the most important factors of device ownership is to check the product specification before purchasing so as to avoid unexpected issues from time to time.

What is Amazon’s Warranty for Kids Alexa Devices?

There is a difference between the warranty on the Echo Dot, Echo Show 5 and the regular Echo. The warranty on the Echo/Echo Dot is 1 year and 100,000 hours. The warranty on the Echo Show 5 (Kids) is one year and 10,000 hours. The warranty on the regular Echo is 1 year and 100,000 hours.

Kids Edition comes with our amazing Alexa experience. Alexa is a voice-activated digital helper which provides helpful information and answers children’s questions. Echo Dot Kids Edition combines kid-safe technology with Alexa so your child can play and learn.

Amazon has recently announced its updated Kids Edition Echo Dot Kids Edition, which comes with Alexa. The new version of Echo Dot has a 2-year warranty for the kids-edition, which makes it worry-free for kids to use Echo Dot in their home.

If parents find their children’s Echo Dot or Echo Show 5 are severely damaged, they can instead have it replaced for free as long as they return the original device within 90 days!

What is Amazon’s Warranty for Alternative Alexa Devices?

Amazon does not guarantee the quality of the products sold on Prime Now, including any accessories. We recommend that you pay attention to the size of the product and take photos of the product in your hands and on a wall so that you can easily verify the size before you purchase. The size of the product may vary depending on the model; please check the size of the product before purchasing.

* [Original]: Please replace with the applicable option from the dropdowns above.

The Amazon warranty policy does not offer 90-day replacement guarantees. If you are expecting a device within 90 days, please ensure that you purchase the device with a replacement warranty or use one of the many excellent third-party coverage resources on the internet.

How Do I Claim my Alexa Warranty?

If your Echo device has been damaged, you have three options to claim the warranty.

If there’s a problem with your Alexa device, you can contact Amazon customer service to request a replacement, request a refund or have the device repaired.

If you do not receive your refund in a timely manner, contact the customer service of your bank.

Customers can submit a request for a replacement product through the website, and we will take care of the rest. The customer needs to provide the original product, which we will destroy.

The times for receiving a replaced or repaired Alexa will depend on the amount of damage and the shipping standards for the customer’s location.

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When an Amazon Echo or Alexa-powered device is replaced with a new device, the first set of Alexa skills and voice profile settings that were set up on the previous Echo or Echo Dot will be retained and can be used with the new device. Other third-party skills and voice profile settings will be erased and replaced with the new Echo or Echo Dot settings. For more information: How to switch to a new Echo or Echo Dot.

Customers who have purchased an Alexa can have their broken device repaired or replaced. Customers who have purchased one can find assistance through the Online Returns Center and the orders page.

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