Amazon Protection Plan (what’s Covered, Claims, Refunds + More)

Amazon now offers thousands of products for consumers to buy, with a huge range of products available for purchase.

If you’ve ever considered buying big technology on Amazon, you may have wondered if Amazon had a protection plan.

When it comes to covering your devices, Amazon doesn’t cover them the same. You can get protection from Amazon for $5 a month for unlimited device coverages. The downside is there’s a free trial if you want to see if you want to commit to it.

What Is Amazon’s Protection Plan In 2022?

Amazon offers its own in-house plan for its smart speaker, the Echo. This plan offers $20 off for two years from its first year of purchase, and a $1 per day service fee. If you’re not satisfied with the service offered, you can call and speak with an Amazon customer service representative for the first time to get your money back.

If you want to know more about the different kind of protection plans, and more, keep on reading.

What’s Covered In Amazon’s Expert Protection Plan?

Amazon’s Expert Protection Plan is an exclusive offer for Lennar homes and includes security features to protect all smart home devices in your home connected to the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Tap, and other Alexa-enabled devices.

If your smart home is integrated with many different items, it can be very useful to have an Expert Protection Plan.

This plan covers accidental damage on your devices, and it also covers in-home service. You can also get technical support on the phone or in your home.

If the smart home product cannot be fixed, customers of Google Home or Google Assistant receive a replacement, either new or refurbished, or a gift card.

The Amazon expert protection plan includes a one-year warranty for Kindle and Kindle Touch models.

This is a good thing because your device, the things you attached to it, and your home can all fail, and you still have full use of your Samsung SmartThings hub.
For the mechanical breakdown protection plan, you pay a monthly fee and in return, your home will be covered for up to $5,000 for parts and labor if your home mechanical system breaks down, and this protection plan is valid for two years.

How Do You Redeem An Amazon Expert Protection Plan?

To redeem an Amazon Expert Protection Plan, you just need to have access to the Amazon website and call a telephone number.

If a user has any kind of problem related to the smart home device he can call Amazon support team or schedule an in-home visit. The company will help the user by giving information on how to troubleshoot the problem on their own.

It’s true whether you’re just having technical issues or your device breaks down.

Your accidental damage protection begins on the date of purchase. Don’t forget to claim it.

How Do You Make An Amazon Expert Protection Plan Claim?

When you schedule service, you will be provided with a link to the Amazon representative who will guide you throughout the service request process.

You can view and make claims about your protection plan from within your Amazon account.

There is no limit as to how many claims you can make, unless your Amazon Expert Protection Plan comes with a limitation on how much of your claimed products the plan will cover.

However, if your smart home speaker doesn’t make it into your home before the total claim amount reaches $2,000, then you may not be able to receive a claim on the device.

If you have any questions regarding your protection plan, please refer to the full plan conditions of your confirmation email or contact Amazon for support.

Does Amazon Refund Expert Protection Plans?

Amazon allows you to cancel the service at any time, just go to your Amazon account and find the order where you need to cancel your protectionplan.

You can cancel the subscription at any time. When you cancel the subscription, we refund you the remaining subscription fees for the current term.

Additionally, you can also book a phone appointment with an Amazon technician who will help you cancel over the phone.

– Select the **Cancel** button.
– To cancel your call with a phone representative, press the **Cancel** button.

You can either:

– Wait for a technician to contact you.
– Cancel your call with the **Cancel** button.

If you used an Amazon Expert Protection Plan, you can get a full refund on your claim if you cancel within the first 3 months of payment. Otherwise, you will receive a refund of what you paid for the claim.

What Other Protection Plans Can You Buy On Amazon?

If you are looking for some smart home devices that are smart and provide the best protection while at the same time providing a user-friendly experience, take a look at our Top10 Best Smart Home Products on Amazon!

SmartGuard protection plans are available for major electronics and appliances and include nationwide repair for a period of two years from the purchase date of the covered appliance. Applying for SmartGuard protection plan is free.

You will only pay for labor and parts on your SmartGuard plan if a failure occurs after the warranty is up.

Amazon also has a 3 year warranty for electronics if you have them repaired at a third party instead of doing it yourself.

Amazon may suggest these protection plans when buying applicable products, and if you are not on a plan, you may be charged more or have fewer options, so you can choose whether you want the extra protection or not.


Amazon offers protection plans for some products. You can purchase one in the product’s information page.

If your device is unplugged for a certain amount of time, or if the device malfunctions, the Amazon Echo smart speaker offers a one-year warranty with free unlimited technical support and hardware repairs.

Amazon also sells a protection plan from SmartGuard, that can help protect your laptop, smartphone, tablet or electronic gadgets, with the full terms and conditions listed in the coverage page.

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