What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover? [Full Guide + Faqs] 

As a customer, when you buy an item it is important and useful to know that you can be protected by a warranty or even to have extra protection in case of a failure.

That is the main reason as to why it is so important for customers to know what kind of protections they are getting. Now, let’s see exactly what kind of things Walmart has made sure that their consumers are covered in!

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover In 2022?

Walmart’s Protection Plan covers “naturally occurring wear and tear,” electronic malfunctions, external damages, repairs, and replacements if the product cannot be fixed. This plan covers the following categories of products: TVs, phones, laptops, outdoor equipment, jewelry, and general merchandise.

In order to protect the user, all of the items on the site are covered by a one year warranty.

What Items Are Covered Under Walmart’s Protection Plan?

Walmart has its own protection plan, available to anyone who purchases a product from Walmart. This plan covers items that fall under the following categories: product damage, theft, lost or stolen merchandise, and more.

For more information on how to protect these product categories, click here!

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For TVs? 

* Laptop and TV not working.
* Laptop or TV not charging.
* Not charging after 3 days of use.
* No sound.
* TV is damaged.
* Screen not working.
* Vibrating.

However, it is not protected against theft, damage, loss, and unauthorized use.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Mobile Phones?

The device cannot operate properly.
Device performance decreases.
If an app becomes incompatible.
If damage occurs to the device.
If a device is lost or stolen.
If power is disrupted.

Walmart’s insurance policy does not include intentional damage, loss, or theft.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Laptops? 

a company with “a reasonable belief that the covered device has been lost or stolen”.


You can find the protection plan brochure here.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Tablets? 

Electronic tablets are covered under the protection plans if they are under 2 years old. If your tablet is more than 2 years old and has scratches or is not in great physical condition, then you should consider purchasing a new one.

In addition to the original condition, Walmart’s policy states that any loss, theft or intentional damage is not eligible for an exchange or replacement under Walmart’s policy.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Outdoor Power Equipment and Patio? 

Protects the consumer from power equipment defects and provides a limited warranty of covered components for the first 2 years and a 100% limited labor warranty for the next 8 years or 10 years on covered parts, whichever is first.

Walmart does not cover product loss, theft, or damage that is caused by your pet. It only covers accidental damage.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Jewelry and Watches?  

If your jewelry gets damaged or broken, you can return it to the store and receive store credit, or receive repair or replacements of any missing, broken or defective jewelry.

Lets say someone accidentally knocked your watch off a table, while you were sleeping. It might fall on the table for example, and broke. If it was insured then it can be repaired, and you get reimbursed. This type of damage is not covered under the Plan. If it was a natural disaster or something like that, then you can file a claim under the plan and get reimbursed.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For General Merchandise?

All general merchandise for U.S. residents will be protected, even if the merchandise is imported. However, the protection plan does not cover protection available in other foreign countries; protection will not be available in China, for example.

The Walmart protection plan unfortunately, will not cover any intentional damage, accidental damage, thefts, or product losses for items other than general merchandise items.

How Long Do Walmart’s Protection Plans Last? 

Walmart’s protection plans offer different warranty lengths, and some protection plans are geared towards a specific product, like if you have a refrigerator or a washer or dryer! They offer different warranties, and some plans are for a specific product.

To find different plans and see which one is the best for your family, browse the protection plans online at Walmart.com.

How Can I Make A Claim Under The Walmart Warranty Protection Plan? 

You can file a claim with your credit card provider. They will assess the situation on their end and they will contact us and give us a rough idea on how much time you might have to get in contact with the seller and how much you will need to get in contact with us.

If you need immediate assistance, a claims specialist will offer guidance on the next steps you will need to take. If you claim is not immediately approved, you may need to provide additional relevant information as requested before approval can be granted.

If you have a problem with the product, you can call Walmart, and they will help you to submit a warranty claim!

Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover Theft? 

Walmart has different insurance plans for different types of merchandise, and therefore, the company does not offer a comprehensive protection plan.

How Much Is Walmart’s Protection Plan? 

Walmart offers different warranty plans which differ in prices depending on the length of time that the warranty is purchased for. A warranty that lasts one year is cheaper than a warranty that lasts two years.

If you have to buy new products the cost will depend on the value of those products.
In this case the cost is estimated to be $100 based on the value of the products.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that. Usually, you have to spend $100 or more just to get a 1-year warranty.

How Do I Purchase The Walmart Protection Plan? 

Walmart’s protection plan is available for purchase online, you can search for it at the top of the Walmart homepage.

It is best to include the phrase ‘protection plan’ for 2 years, and the length of time you would like it for, for example, a 2-year protection plan.

If you look in the store, you’ll see our staff there who will be able to help you!


Walmart Protect Plus plans are incredibly affordable and can be purchased for an inexpensive price. These plans can also be used for a lifetime, which means you don’t have to worry about whether or not the product you purchased today will be around to be used for a lifetime or longer.

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