Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty (claims, Damage, What’s Covered + More)

With any luck, you get to use the same laptop from the time you first bought it until you finally get your next computer.

It can be a major, and sometimes expensive, problem when you’re a student, and you don’t have the money to buy an item, or even worse, when you are a student and you just want to buy cheap stuff.

Warranty is a way for people to protect against a defect or failure of a product, and to recover the cost of repairing the product in the event that the product fails.

You might have noticed that whenever you enter a Walmart store, there is a blue card that asks you whether you want to become a Walmart customer and if you do, the blue card will ask if you want a warranty.

If you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a manufacturer warranty, you must first register it with Walmart.

What Does The Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Cover In 2022?

Laptops and computers are covered for screen damage, battery problems, liquid damage, and hard drive problems. No warranty coverage is extended to the computer itself. A hardware warranty may be offered by the computer manufacturer. If you have an issue with your computer, please contact the manufacturer directly.

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This does not mean that if your laptop falls from your bed and breaks, your warranty will be voided, only that your replacement will be “covered” under the warranty.

Walmart provides a one year warranty, and covers accidental damages such as spills, stains, or physical damage – but it is limited to the original owner.

How Much Is A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty?

In electronics, the cost of the item, the length of the warranty, and the quality of the warranty are the major factors that determine the price of the warranty.

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Walmart will give you the specific price and information on the protection plans if you go the product on the Walmart website.

Under the “Add-on services” part, you will be able to add a Walmart security plan with Allstate.

You can choose between having a 2-year plan or a 3-year plan and the prices for each is different.

How Do You File A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Claim?

You might have seen the new Walmart claims website when you’re filling out your insurance claim, but here’s a refresher to make sure you’re familiar with the process.

Click on the blue button which says “File a Claim”.

The third-party site will take you through its own verification process and once it is done, a representative of Allstate will review it and make a decision on the claim.

If you’re purchasing it locally or online, it’s easy to look up your receipt online, or print it and keep it in your wallet.

In addition to the receipt, remember to take in your laptop’s serial number (printed on the bottom of it)
Now that you have your laptop or computer together with the receipt; please wait at the counter or the parking lot. You will be given a special sticker, a warranty sticker and a warranty card.

How Long Is A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Claim Good For?

A Walmart laptop and computer protection plan is good for two to three years.

You can choose how long you want to use the machine, before it is returned to us.

If you decide that you want to purchase a machine after your rental period of time has elapsed, your machine will be transferred to us and you’ll be sent a refund.

The time period starts ticking on your warranty at the time of purchase of the car.

What Kind Of Damage Does The Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Not Cover?

Walmart does not cover any of these cases. So, if you have your laptop stolen, then you are out of luck.
If this is not clarified in the contract (and I’ve never seen this) then I would think that you have to cover those costs yourself. But, if you did sign a contract, then you should contact a lawyer to get clarification.

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy On Laptops & Computers?

If you want to return it and save yourself some time, that would be the easiest thing you could do.

However, if you’re within 15 days of the purchase date, then you’d better hurry before it’s gone.

You can either return it to the place you bought or you can return it to your original place of purchase with the receipt.

For the full return policy on laptops and computers, do not refer to our website.

Does Walmart Fix Laptops & Computers?

However, if you have a warranty, the store that you bought the item at will usually step in and cover the cost of repairs.

The operating system comes in two flavors; Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 for phones. Windows 10 Mobile is built for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, while the Windows 10 one is designed specifically for PCs.

To repair a laptop or computer, you probably have to file a warranty claim and see if the representative can fix it.

I was able to get a replacement and this did not happen again.

Is Walmart’s Computer & Laptop Warranty Refundable?

If you haven’t bought this insurance, you are not protected. In one month, you will be vulnerable to a virus you never should have had, thanks to the actions of the NSA.

Beyond the 30 days, if you want a pro-rated refund, you can get that.

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Walmart’s laptop and computer warranties give you piece of mind; they come with the best coverage, and give you the peace of mind to know they’ll cover it if you need their help.

They’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising their super-cheap, barely-functioning laptops with no warranties. Most of those customers would have much higher-end laptops that wouldn’t be as susceptible to hardware defects, and the vast majority of them would have better odds of getting their money back after the warranty has expired.

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