Walmart Tv Warranty (making Claims, Types Of Tvs Covered, Damage + Price)

We want to protect our technology with warranty and protection plan because we want to make sure that we don’t have to spend a cent on replacing that $1000 flat panel television if it fails. If you don’t have the same protection, you could spend $100 or more to replace that television, and that’s why we’re so excited about this partnership with Samsung.

Walmart offers warranties for electronics, appliances, and vehicles. An extended warranty may be helpful but is not required.

Walmart TV Warranty And Protection Plan In 2022

[Warranty disclaimer by Walmart]: All warranties and product performance are limited in duration and scope and are not available outside of our standard terms and conditions.

What Types Of TVs Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover?

Walmart’s warranty and protection program covers almost every television they sell, including a multitude of brands and models, UHD 4K, 4K, 1080p, new and refurbished products, and at every price point across the board.

You can also see if your TV is covered by visiting Walmart’s website, finding the TV you’re interested in and checking the coverage section on that page.

All services have a protection plan attached. It will also appear in the middle of the listing, near the top.

To review your service plan, click on the **[Services]** in the Services Control Panel.

TVs with more options cost more, and I don’t know the coverage length details of these TVs.

What Does A Walmart TV Warranty Cover?

The warranties cover the same things, except the pre-2018 warranty covers the exterior, while the post-2018 does not.

Your HDTV is covered for mechanical and electrical failures of normal use. Accidental damage, intentional damage, loss, and theft are not covered.

If you drop the TV, I’m sorry! If someone takes out their anger on the TV, I’m sorry! If someone takes out their anger on your TV, I’m sorry! If someone breaks into your home and steals your TV, I’m sorry! If the TV gets lost during a cross-country move, I’m sorry!

But when you try to turn on the TV one day and it just won’t turn on, you have a claim on your hands.

How Much Is A Walmart TV Warranty?

Walmart has many TV plans that differ in price. Walmart’s TV plans vary in pricing based on the length of the plan, the condition of the TV, and the price of the TV.

I’ve included some examples below, but as you can see, they start out quite inexpensively for less expensive models and get pretty pricey – the cost of buying a smaller TV! – for the higher-end models.

I’ve included a few sample prices below, but as you can see, they start out quite inexpensively for cheaper models and get pretty pricey – the cost of buying a smaller TV! – for the higher-end models.

Since you need to know the total amount of coverage you’ll need to pay for, you need to know how many TVs you’re buying. To do this, simply plug the number of TVs you are interested in (e.g. 3) into the price per TV and multiply the resulting price per TV by your total number of TVs (e.g., 6).

Different types of TVs today offer a wide variety of features and options.

I think this could be a good deal.

Do You Have To Activate Your Walmart TV Warranty?

If you purchase a TV protection plan from Walmart, you will never be charged again for the protection. You will immediately receive a notification to your email address when your plan is ready.

To file a claim with the fewest speed bumps you must keep your receipt.

How Do You Make A Claim With Your Walmart TV Warranty?

A quick YouTube search for “SquareTrade TV warranty repair video” reveals a pretty thorough process that not only fixes your problem, but gets you a new TV, should it fail.

This will make it easier to see the receipt and get it in your hand so you can quickly return the product.

Then, visit either the Squaretrade Walmart Protection Plan site, for TVs purchased after 2018, or the Asurion site, for TVs purchased before 2018.

To determine if you qualify for this service, your television must be purchased after 2018 and the seller must have enrolled both you or the seller in the Squaretrade Walmart Protection Plan.

Go through the process and if the claim is approved it will take a quick second to review their next step. If it isn’t approved they will contact you to address further action.

If you have a TV that can be repaired, your repairperson will come to fix it. If not, a replacement will be sent to you.

Can You Make A Walmart TV Warranty Claim Without Your Receipt?

The only way to make a warranty claim is to go to the seller’s website and send them an e-mail asking them to send you a copy of your receipt (with either a debit or a credit card number in the form of a token).

 To make a purchase online, just use the Walmart Express checkout page. Your entire purchase, including tax, will be refunded to your card the next business day – without even having to return to the store.  Be sure to sign-in and include the receipt you received in the mail.

If you go back to the site, you can see the transaction as well as the actual amount.

Walmart will look up your receipt and tell you who you were married to.

Can You Add A Walmart TV Warranty After Purchase?

You must add on the protection plan during the first 30 days or your order will not have a protection plan.

Use the “Your Account” link on and go to your online order history in the store.

[2] There are no refunds for this service, and no guarantee of a replacement.

If you bought the book in-store, the store’s app makes it easy to add the receipt.

This will enable you to purchase a warranty to go along with your previous TV and any other device you’ve bought.

Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

Walmart’s policy doesn’t cover damage caused by accident, so you’ll have to pay to repair it yourself.

Even if you have a protection plan, you still need to be careful when using your TV, because if you accidentally knock it off the stand, drop it or your kid hits it with the football, it isn’t covered.

Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover Theft?

Some people are unhappy with Walmart for selling stolen TVs. Home theft is an awful situation, and unfortunately, the Walmart TV protection plans do not cover your TV being stolen.

Are Walmart TV Warranties Worth It?

Walmart’s protection plans have a 95% customer satisfaction rating.

An impressive number of people, thanks to a timely claim, have an adequate amount of money in their PayPal account in the next few days.

A recent user of the tool said, “It saved me a ton of time… I can see the impact it’s had on my production.”

The data we receive from you is used to improve our services and the information that we share with you.

A new protection plan called “Breakage Protection Plan” was invented. It helps customers who have to replace their broken LCDs. It is different from the warranty because it is only for LCDs.

This person complained that they bought a TV with scratched screen. They say that they had to buy a new one.

The 38 one-star ratings stand in contrast to 1,117 five star ratings.

The Walmart TV warranties are very impressive, and I believe you will find that there will be a few products that are covered under this agreement.

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For TVs under $1500, the warranty protection plan is a good investment, but for over $1500 the cost of each warranty is generally equal to the value of the TV.

All of the included content is pre-loaded and stored on the Amazon Fire HD so you never have to worry about missing content. And if you do, Amazon Prime Video will instantly update your account to the latest content and you’ll have the most recent movies and shows available.

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