Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty (Claims, Batteries Covered, Length Of Warranty + More)

You probably wouldn’t think about their batteries if you weren’t having a battery problem. They’re the most important part of your car, and not a cheap repair when things go wrong.

EverStart batteries are designed to be used inside the RV or truck. Walmart is offering an extended warranty on their batteries. The warranty is valid for one year and covers all defects in battery components.

Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty In 2022

Everstart batteries are backed by a Walmart warranty. The length of the Walmart warranty varies depending on the type of battery purchased. Customers must claim their warranty in a Walmart Store, or within one to three years of purchase.

To check the warranty dates of your Everstart battery, just go to the manufacturer link on our website.
You can get a replacement battery for your Everstart battery, with a warranty, through your retail store, Amazon, or eBay.

How Long Is The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty Good For?

Your battery time is dependent on the type of battery that you purchased.

All Everstart batteries are either value, plus value, or maxx value.

The Value version has an annual price – not monthly.

It will replace the old version, so you do not need to purchase any new version.

The new Plus version supports up to 2000mAh, and also includes a better user interface than the regular version.

And in case you are not sure whether a Maxx battery is new or old, you can always get a quick visual check of its condition from a store’s display by pressing the little button in the side of the battery.

What Is The Walmart Everstart Maxx Battery Prorated Warranty?

Even though Walmart has a three year warranty, it prorated it to two years. So all you get is two years from the date of purchase.

A cost is determined by dividing the age of the battery in months by 60, then multiplying the result by the price of a new battery.

[Paraphrase 2]: The reason why they can do this is because Walmart is a monopsony.

How Do You Claim A Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty?

It is not possible to claim warranty on an EverStart battery by calling a customer service center. Your purchase will have to go to a Walmart store.

They can look at the serial number on the battery (the purchase date helps, too) and find the transaction and they can find the buyer. But the buyer may not be the seller, they may be the manufacturer’s agent. If the seller was selling a lot of batteries, the buyer might be a different dealership, the manufacturer, or a wholesaler.

Once you realize that your warranty is going to be invalid you do not get into details.

I would recommend that you examine the battery to see if the issue is covered by the manufacturer warranty.

If everything checks out, then you will receive your replacement (which one of their associates will install if you prefer), and they will take away your old battery and dispose of it properly.

If you bring in an old battery you have to pay Core Battery charge for disposal purposes. That charge can range in amounts.

Battery recycling is intended to promote people to see that if their old battery is used, they must be careful that it is disposed of in a safe way.

Walmart encourages customers to return their old battery by allowing them to bring the battery in at a later date, with the receipt for proof of purchase of the new battery, to receive a refund on the core charge.

How Much Does The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty Cost?

A free replacement is included in the warranty for the battery that I purchased from Walmart.

The only way to claim is to go online and take a short survey. You do not need to “activate” anything to make a claim later, but it is very helpful if you hold onto your receipt (or take a picture with your phone).

What Does The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty Cover?

The standard warranties offered by other reputable battery retailers will cover user error even if the battery fails.

This warranty does not cover for any repair or replacement due to the following: leaks; bulging batteries; accidents caused by human handling; and damages incurred due to automobile accidents.

Walmart’s warranty covers the battery on your Walmart Everstart.

Do You Need A Receipt For The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty?

You do not need to show receipt, you can claim warranty of your Walmart Everstart battery by mail.

AutoCenter’s Associate will use the vehicle’s VIN to find the transaction, then match the transaction with the serial number of the dead battery.

Does Walmart Offer A Lifetime Warranty On Everstart Batteries?

Walmart’s Everstart batteries do not have a lifetime warranty.

As it turns out, if you live in a humid environment, your car battery lasts a lot longer than four to six years.

The warranty is not included in the cost of the product, but would be applicable to the owner of the product for the time frame mentioned in the warranty.

Can You Just Return Your Walmart Everstart Battery For A Refund?

For us, it was about taking time over what we’re doing, being transparent, providing a customer experience and working with customers in a more consultative fashion.

For up to 90 days after your purchase, you have the option to buy a replacement battery or just return the battery for a refund. It has to be dead or not the right fit for your car.

If your return is approved, it will be processed as soon as possible. Please do not delay in notifying us of your return. We need to be able to track
your return.

Your battery will be under warranty for 90 days when you receive it. It will need to be sent back to Apple if the battery stops charging.

Should You Buy A Walmart Everstart Battery For The Warranty?

Walmart’s automotive batteries are made by Johnson Controls. They are made in the same facilities used by GM and used as batteries in GM cars.

There is usually a lot of competition in the auto service industry, so if you run into an issue, it’s probably best to get the claim in quickly and get it addressed by a reputable service center.

Walmart places new batteries in the batteries and then throws away the old ones.

Walmart has a website that will tell you more about a vehicle’s battery, and how to look it over, how to check the engine oil is OK, and a checklist of maintenance things to look for when checking the engine is good.


They’re a great choice for everyone in no small part because of the generous warranties.

Everstart’s warranty gives drivers an extra boost of confidence and security and they can use it for an extra three years depending on the tier of battery they have purchased.

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